Adelie II
Adelie II Adelie II

Artist: Kyoko Imazu

Title: Adelie II

Medium: Etching and Aquatint on copperlate printed on archival 300 gsm warm white Hahnemuhle printmaking papers.

Paper Size: 39x 27.5cm

Print Size: 27.5cm x 19.5cm

Year: 2014

Edition of 20


Kyoko did a little sketch of a specimen of Adélie Penguin in the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.

She remembers watching a TV program about Antarctica as a child and saw the image of penguins sitting on the egg in the cold wind.
Male and female penguins take turns to incubate until the egg hatch.

She felt penguin parents were resemblance of her parents , keeping her in warm and comfortable place.

Each print may vary slightly due to the hand made nature of this technique.