Sigrid Calon

3-color screenprint
50 x 70 cm, hand printed on Fedrigoni acid free paper 250gsm,
edition of 35


About the artist:

Sigrid Calon is a Dutch visual artist who lives and works in Tilburg, the Netherlands, where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. She is moved by the desire to make new connections and to look differently at what we take for granted. Endlessly curious, her work reveals a wide-ranging curiosity and continuing research into questions of identity. Intuition, rationality and playfulness guide her as she searches for wonderment and finds inspiration in the things around her. Her questions are often philosophical: what is the essence? Is there a new truth? Questions lead to investigations and new discoveries as she transforms chaos into harmony and, though mostly visual, a musical sort of beauty.

Sigrid Calon’s book, “To the extend of / | & - Within the grid and beyond the pattern” (2012), is a key to her art. It developed from her interest in abstract embroidery. In the book she explores numerical relationships and plays combinatory games with a limited and carefully chosen range of colors. She developed these ideas in later work, which includes a series of wall objects that are a translation of the books ideas into fabric/textiles. Sigrid Calon works across a range of different media on a smaller scale, always rigorous and playful, complex and colorful. She seems perfectly at home working on a grand scale as well, sweeping her colors and codes across the surfaces of walls and buildings. Moving from two to three dimensions, her work becomes site-specific, and the space where she creates her art becomes an integral part of the work itself.

This series is published and printed by Le Raclet.