Mo- WTFABC The English Books Vol.1-6

WTFABC - The English books 
Boxset vol.1-6

WTFABC is first and foremost a book about English in English. Duh. Duh indeed. This book unravels the alphabetical, grammatical and assorted English syntax of the rigid English form. Through the world of a decidedly non-English-speaking individual, though he will beg to differ. Every word is a character. A character with a tale to share. Like how Tomorrow persistently arrives too late. And Idiot is one hot mama.

Refreshing, compelling and definitively honest, WTFABC is no social commentary but a 300-page journey into an age-old truth of English as we know it.


Boxset vol.1-6

124 pages (per book)
140mm x 97mm
Matt lamination jacket
100 gsm munken paper