Mo- XOXOmomomomi
Mo- XOXOmomomomi Mo- XOXOmomomomi

XOXOmomomomi is a tribute to a cat.

The book follows a 14-years journey of mo and his cat, momi. Spanning the time from the two met, their daily baileys, parting ways, reunion 
and to the apocalyptical outings blablabla... 

Sounds massive as it seems, XOXOmomomomi is no philosopher's diary but a one minute comfort read with promising mediocre art and honest intimacy of a cat and, his cat.

Print run of 500 

32 pages
116mm x 165mm (Landscape)

Gloss laminated gatefold cover 
Saddle stitch binding
100 PC White - Felt paper 104 gsm paper
1 x Neon ink + 1 x black

Manual stickers pack / stamping / laser seal

*Mild nudity