Wrap Issue 9
Wrap Issue 9 Wrap Issue 9 Wrap Issue 9 Wrap Issue 9

Wrap Magazine NEW winter issue is full of inspiring articles and atmospheric images that explore the theme of folk, traditions and story telling and how these influence creative work today.


- receive a FREE A5 postcard-print featuring our cover artist Pieter Van Eenoge's excellent illustration (*online exclusive)

- all UK orders will receive FREE post & packing!


- illustrations on our theme by 10 mightily talented creatives: Pieter Van Eenoge (cover artist), Marina Muun, Karol Banach, Sarah Mazzetti, Steffie Brocoli, Viacheslav Vystupov, Pawel Mildner, Leslie Wood, Eleanor Taylor and Assaf Benharroch

- 5 x double sided pull-out wrapping papers (handy for Christmas!)


- a conversation with Dutch illustrator Merijn Hos about his folk-inspired wooden sculptures

- designer Ya Wen Chou talks about her family heritage, and how it inspires her work today

- we explore the rituals of masquerade that are thriving across Europe and admire incredible photo-portraits by Charles Fréger

- exploring the UK comic scene, we delve into Isabel Greenberg's impressive debut graphic novel

- Wrap eats a delicious lunch at new London restaurant - Story, and speaks to it's founder Tom Sellers

- five designers tell us the story behind a recent project they've worked on, giving us a great insight into their creative practice 


Designed & published in the UK. Printed on FSC certified paper using vegetable-based inks.