Zine Scene 2015 11/FEB - 8/MAR

Our first opening of the year, we hope you can join us this coming
 (11th of Feb) from 7pm-9pm
as ODD ONE OUT and Ink'chacha are proud to host Zine Scene 2015!

A celebration of the talent of illustrators and artists, Zine Scene 2015 is exhibiting and selling a vast collection of different 'zines' from over 40 Hong Kong artists (and some from abroad). We were overwhelmed by the number of artists keen to participate, and are really looking forward to everybody seeing their amazing work!
What's a Zine? A Zine is most commonly a small circulation self-published book of original work. Without the costs and restricting limitations of traditional press and magazines, Zines are a true expression of creativity produced for the artist and their audience. What creators and readers of Zines alike love is the infinite possibilities which has lead to a huge cult following for this medium.


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