Past Events

La Lune, The Moon 

9 of September to 6th of October 2022

ODD ONE OUT is proud to host “La lune, The Moon”, by printmaker Mio Asahi. The exhibition will be held at ODD ONE OUT on the 9th of September to 6th of October 2022.

‘La Lune, The Moon’ features a selection of hand embellished etchings by Mio Asahi. To celebrate an important element that frequently appears in Mio’s work: the moon.

Drawing exclusively from her own imagination, the world and characters Mio creates are solely her own but feel incredibly familiar, like they have been plucked from an obscure myth or story. Mouselike figures travel by flying fish across a night sky lit by three moons. A bride travels to her wedding set on the night of a full blue moon. A group of travelers take a seemingly routine commute to the moon on a ferry that glides in the air over fields of tall grass. 

Mio frames her prints with decorative borders and patterns, sometimes with captions in a language that only she understands. By presenting her prints with irregular edges around the images, these fantastical scenes seem to magically appear on the paper directly from Mio’s imagination. Her prints are primarily monochromatic with hand painted details to bring small pops of color to her characters. In some pieces, the moons are treated with metallic foil, creating another layer of ethereal mystery to her pieces

Mio Asahi was born in Osaka, Japan. She graduated from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto and currently works as a painter and printmaker. Her work fluidly mixes east and west, by using the western printing process of etching and aquatint, but her subject matter is distinctly japanese.


ODD ONE OUT is proud to host “ Tomorrow is Another Day”, by printmaker An Gee Chan. The exhibition will be held at ODD ONE OUT on the 13th August to 7th of September 2022.

‘Tomorrow is Another Day’ trails a group of horseback riders as they travel on a never ending journey through a lush yet sometimes inhospitable landscape. Throughout their travels, various events occur, some joyful, some unfortunate. An Gee captures these moments in time and pairs the detailed etchings with humorous titles.

Featuring 12 etchings by An Gee Chan, a selection of her hand pulled ceramics that continue her darkly humorous theme will be available as well.
An Gee Chan holds a Bachelor’s degree(Hon) in illustration and animation at Kingston University and a Master’s degree in Fine Art in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art in London. She has taught printmaking and drawing at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. She is represented by Tintype Gallery in London and has participated in exhibitions both locally and internationally.

An Gee collects daily life observations and experiences as sources of inspiration. Feelings of regret, the unpredictable, lack of control in life, separation and loneliness are transformed into works that encapsulates these feelings in an easily approachable style. Her works are generally narrative based with an allegorical quality, ranging from playful to more sinister subject matter. Her titles are often humorous despite the dark imagery.

Printmaking is An Gee’s main outlet for expressing her ideas. Her printmaking works range from large scale painterly monoprint screen prints, child-like graphic paper cut outs that are then screen printed onto various materials to tiny detailed etchings. Having acquired a range of technical skills across her career, she also works fluidly between other disciplines - drawing, painting, ceramics and murals.

Little Treasures

21st May to 21st June 2022

ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting “ Little Treasures”, the first print exhibition by Chinese Amercian illustrator Rose Wong. The exhibition will be held at ODD ONE OUT on the 21st of  May until the 21st of June 2022.

Little Treasures is an exploration of the things we find and hold dear to our hearts.  A collection of objects or moments that would otherwise not be considered valuable –– arranged in new ways that are beautiful.

Featuring 8 limited edition screenprints printed by Le Raclet in Berlin.

Rose Wong is a Chinese-American illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her BFA in Communications Design with an emphasis in Illustration from Pratt Institute. She frequently contributes to The New York Times, and has honed her skills in conceptualizing complex ideas into simple visuals. Her work has been recognized by American Illustration and in 2019, she was awarded a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators for her short form comic Okay Okay.



Fragments of Time

2 April  - 15 May 2022 (extended!)

ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting “Fragments of Time”, the latest exhibition by Hong Kong printmaker Jeannie Wong Ho Ching. The exhibition will be held at ODD ONE OUT this Saturday on the 2nd of April until the 2nd of May.

“Fragments of Time” is a collection of work by Jeannie that explores the cache of memories and feelings that have accumulated and subsequently been suppressed in her subconscious. Through the act similar to recalling memories, fragments of images from daily experiences are drawn to the surface and pieced together to create spaces. They resemble reality but are instead occupied by ambiguous animals and objects and hint at a nonlinear narrative. 

By recalling these fragments long suppressed in her mind, Jeannie reassembles the pieces to create landscapes and disjointed spaces. Feelings of anxiety manifest themselves as portals, bodies of water, animals and fragmented pieces of architecture, motifs frequently found throughout Jeannie’s work. The completed images become a record of emotions triggered by events both physical and psychological, prior and prospective, near and far.

Through a combination of printmaking techniques, the prints themselves exist in a nebulous space. Water pigments from mokuhanga are soaked into the fibers of the papers, while the delicate lines printed with oil based etching ink seem to float on top.

Ho Ching Jeannie Wong is a Hong Kong based artist. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University- Visual Arts Academy in 2017 and later worked at her alma mater as a print technician. She received her MA in print at the Royal College of Art, London, in 2021. 

Jeannie has participated in various group shows in Hong Kong, London, Bremen and Japan. She held her first solo exhibition in 2019 at the Hong Kong Open Print Shop.


Chinese New Year is fast approaching, as people clean and ready their homes for the upcoming festivities, a common decoration seen is the fai chun.

Fai Chun (揮春) is a traditional decoration made of red paper that is hung on doorways to greet the new year. It comes in both square and rectangular format, with phrases of hopes and wishes for the new year written on it. Popular phrases can cover many aspects important to daily life, from good luck and health to career and studies.

This year, to greet the new year, we have invited 9 local and international illustrators and artists to pick two of their favourite Chinese New year phrases and illustrate it in their own style.

These Fai Chun doesn’t contain the phrase in writing and are print- ed in tranditional printmaking method. Including screen printing, etching, woodcutting and lithography.

Odd One Out invites you to come and see each artist’s interpre- tation and guess which phrase each artist has picked to greet the new year!

Participating artists,
Amanda Lo(HK), Charlene Man (HK), Chan An Gee (HK), Jeannie Wong (HK), Lam Kin Choi (HK), Onion Peterman (HK), Sammi Mak (HK), Yiyu Lam (HK) and Yu Miyama (JP)

Christmas is just around the corner, we’ve selected a range of artworks for you this year. Both framed ready to hang and unframed, available to take home on the day! Plus we have selections of small gifts for all your last minute gifting needs. 

Treat yourself and you loved ones and bring happiness into your home.

Participating artists: Amanda Lo, Onion Peterman, Francesco Lietti, Elisa Talentino, Micke Lindbergh, Cachete Jack, Lousie Lockhart, Sayaka Kawamura, Jeannie Wong, Ayaka Asano, Naoko Tsurudome, Saki Obata, Damon Kowarsky and more!


This year we have partnered up with Rotopol form Kassel to bring you theof  graphic storytelling touching upon the borders of what illustration and comic art can accomplish.

開放時間 Opening Hours
16.12.2021 星期四 Thursday 3 pm – 7 pm
17.12.2021 星期五 Friday 3 pm – 9 pm
18.12.2021 星期六 Saturday 12 pm – 7 pm
19.12.2021 星期日 Sunday 12 pm – 7 pm



ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting “Glimmers Of The Stones”, the latest exhibition by Japanese printmaker Ayaka Asano. The exhibition is opening at ODD ONE OUT this Saturday on the 6th of November until the 6th of December.

Ayaka captures intimate moments or emotions and encapsulates them into tiny cherished objects. She draws inspiration from daily life and creates a series of drawings by etching onto copper plates. Transforming an ordinary life into something special, with its own unique story.

Born in Shizuoka near Mt Fuji and spending her childhood in the countryside, Ayaka's work fully embraces and captures the aesthetic of the Japanese countryside. Depicting mountains and rice fields with wild vegetables and fruits.

By printing on a miniature scale with unusual gem-like silhouettes Ayaka encourages the viewer to go up close and discover the story each gem holds. To compliment the prints, she also adds small personal touches. Whether it is hand painting each print with subtle tones and colours, pairing her prints with hand knit lace or framing her etchings in delicate paper frames made by collaborator and artist Eryngii. These prints are meant to be held and admired up close.

Asano Ayaka graduated from Osaka University of Arts and has been organising exhibitions since 2011. She has shown in different countries including Seoul, Taichung, Busan and Osaka. During her career of being an artist, she has obtained various awards and achievements. She uses a mixture of recycled materials in her etching work.

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2021 

Au Wah Yan - A Tender Mosquito Solo Exhibition

5 June - 7 July 2021

ODD ONE OUT is pleased to present an exhibition of printmaking works by Hong Kong illustrator and printmaker Au Wah Yan.

"A Tender Mosquito” is one of the stories from her short stories book “ Dreams of a Toad”. “ a mosquito barges into your sweet dreams, a gecko hides itself at home, a whale sweeps through the town, a wild boar….”

Inspired by the wealth of short animal fables in Latin America. Each piece is paired with an original story written in the style of a fable by the artist. Animals pushed out of their natural environment by humans appear again in urban settings or take on human qualities.

While at a month long artist residency in Buenos Aires, Au Wah Yan was introduced to photolithography. The painterly and dream-like qualities of the pieces in “A Tender Mosquito” are the result of many years of experimentation in the photolithography process.


“An Observer who dreams a lot and stays awake often.catch stories in dreams by portraying them in reality. A metaphorical prophecy.”

Wah Yan graduated with a BA Fine Art at New Asia College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her illustration works have been published in numerous local magazines and newspapers. In 2017 she was an artist-in-residence at Proyecto’ace, Argentina and started Printhow, a printmaking collective, with her friends the same year. A collection of short stories in print “Dreams of a Toad" was published in 2019. 

Kyoko Imazu x Naoko Tsurdome Exhibition

31 March - 9 May 2021

ODD ONE OUT is pleased to present an exhibition of printmaking works by Kyoko Imazu & Naoko Tsurudome. Kyoko is a Japanese artist, papercut and etchings printmaker, and sculptor, living and working in Australia. Naoko is a Japanese artist and printmaker, specialising in colour etchings and mezzotint, based in Paris. 

Kyoko’s work focuses on detailed etchings that capture the whimsical side of life, with characters who live and frolic in nature with cats, rabbits, butterflies, and others. These moments in time are beautifully captured - every turn of a petal, blade of grass, and butterfly wing is its own world. Naoko’s work is focused on often humorous pieces of animals and plants in nature. These delicate pieces are influenced by Japanese culture and French whimsy, creating playful and delicate imagery.

Both artists left Japan to pursue their artistic journeys, where they have explored Japanese and Western culture and woven it into their work. Each artwork tells story of its own and we hope this exhibition indulges your whimsical imagination.




 If Not, Winter

6 Feb - 7March 2021

We are excited to announce that Ewelina Skowronska’s latest exhibition “If Not, Winter” is opening at ODD ONE OUT on Saturday the 5th of February running until the 7th of March.

“If Not, Winter" is a new body of work created mostly during her artist residency at Shirakino Art Village in Minamishimabara Japan in early 2020. The series, is inspired by fragments of Sappho with lyrics depicting feminine beauty, desire and rejecting the world of masculine warfare and explores issues connected with gender, identity, sexuality and the body.
Drawing from personal experience, Ewelina Skowronska touches on subjects connected with the experience of living within the body, and the ways gender and sexuality intersect to form complex identities. Much is left to the imagination while working with the fragments of Sappho. Thinking about language, as being both shared and personal, this series questions what are the new meanings and connections we could take for ourselves? Especially now, during such an uneasy time with the uncertain future. 

About Ewelina Skowronska
Visual artist and printmaker (b. 1980 in Poland, currently lives and works in Tokyo). After having an accomplished career in advertising, Ewelina decided to fully dedicate herself to art in 2013. She retrained and specialised in visual arts at University of The Arts London where she graduated with distinction in 2015.

Female body is at the forefront of Ewelina’s prints and ceramic sculptures. She moves away from showing it as a finite whole, instead expressing it through a sense of space and fluidity, producing a distinctive vision of feminine physicality. Through exploration of the fundamentals of colour, form, lines and negative space she focuses on ephemeral and unspoken aspects, using a combination of different printing techniques to produce a unique and powerful contrast. By exploring the interplay between nudity and carnality, she creates images on the edge of figurative and abstraction.

Ewelina's work has been exhibited in London, Ireland, USA, Canada and Tokyo. In 2017 she got awarded with Print Prize by ST Bridge Foundation, her prints are in the collection of VA Museum London, she was shortlisted for RA Summer.


Moments In Time 

Saki Obata

12th December 20 - 10th January 2021 


We are excited to announce that Saki Obata's latest exhibition “Moments In Time” is opening at ODD ONE OUT this Saturday the 12th December.

After great success with her “Record Of The Seasons” series, Saki started to explore her daily scenes from a more personal perspective. “Moments In Time” expresses a personal narrative on people's daily life, including her own. With scenes such as being a mother to one finding tranquility at night time; by capturing  smallest moments in life she hopes to touch her audience’s feelings and their memories.

Six limited edition screenprints will be showing at the exhibition in addition to homewares and her latest art zine from her “Each Life” exhibition which was published by Commune Press in June earlier this year.

About Saki Obata

Saki is a graphic designer and illustrator. Her work can widely be seen in many publication, book designs and posters. She is an illustrator for British magazine “MONOCLE” and she has recently illustrated for Japanese textbooks. She has exhibited at Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore (Tokyo) and Keibunsha Ichijoji Store (Kyoto) to commemorate the release of “Records of the season” (commune Press), a collection of seasonal-themed works.

“Wish You Luck”

Charlene Man

19th September- 24th of October


2020 — Don’t scramble to change its course when you all you need is a stroke of luck. Wish You Luck by Charlene Man is the magic wand we’ve all been waiting for; a wand in the shape of two cats, and a bat, a dragon and a phoenix, a horse and a hundred children. The change we’ve all been yearning for! Reinvent your wealth and health, and your aesthetic perception on Feng Shui paintings with this series of cheery illustrations. Embrace the year’s dichotomies. Whoever said luck and laziness couldn’t coexist? Just look at Lazy Cat. Why not get you a cat that can do both?


There is a devious innocence in the simplicity of Artist Charlene Man’s joyful compositions; her colourful works invite all into a world of arrestingly bold humour, where an approach to the punchline is the relatability of it all. Based between both London and Hong Kong, her inspirations follow her from everyday life, a mixed culture calliope brimming with more than just a happy image.


Moments in Time

Sayaka Kawamura

7th of Auguest - 2nd of September

ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting “Me Time”, the latest exhibition by Japanese Moku-hanga printmaker Sayaka Kawamura. In the current unstable and unpredictable time, we all need a little “Me Time”. Our hope is this exhibition brings you some time, if only for a moment where you are truly alone with yourself and use this time to recharge and get away from the world.

Sayaka’s work depicts an altered state where dreams and reality overlap. Her work portrays images that aren’t possible, yet somehow still manage to feel relatable.

Sayaka Kawamura was born in Hokkaido, Japan. In 2016, She graduated with a Masters in Printmaking at Tama Art 

University Graduate School. She is the recipient of numerous prizes and awards including Tosa Washi Prize winner of the 10th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints and the grand prize winner of 23rd Kanuma Shiritsu 

Kawakamisumio Museum printmaking award. She is represented in a number of public and private collections in Japan and Internationally.


by Damon Kowarsky
30th of June - 2 of August 2020

We are happy to announce our first exhibition since the start of Covid-19, Tranquility by Damon Kowarsky. In a time of anxiety and uncertainty, we hope the works featured in Tranquility help you find a sense of peace and calm. 

This exhibition features 10 pieces of intaglio prints produced by Damon between 2015 and 2020 during his extended visits and art residencies in Asia and Europe. Architecture and the colours of the earth inspire much of his work.

Having travelled extensively across South Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, his work takes in elements that make it familiar, yet strikingly unique.


Exhibition Dates
29th February - 31st March 2020

Taking inspiration from the rich and complex structure of the cityscape, Onion Peterman is fascinated by the formation of objects surrounding them. They are especially interested in items that are misplaced on the street, such as a cone’s formation or the loneliest tree surround by concrete.

The sense they capture may not excite us at first, but when we look at it again, we tend to interpret our own thoughts and emotion into the work. But maybe, it is just what it is, nothing personal, only to the artist themselves.

Onion Peterman will be presenting limited edition screenprints from their latest collection.




10 Jan - 9 Feb 2020



Definition: “an example of what ordinary life is like” 


Remember when you were in your adolescence, and an hour in class felt like it dragged on forever? But when you were having fun doing whatever you liked doing, it felt like no time had passed at all. Everything you felt back then was amplified to the max, seesawing up and down; and that was just a day in the life.

Pearl Law is an illustrator, zine-maker and comic artist. 


Hong Kong born and raised, she graduated from University of the West of England with a degree in Illustration. Much of her work takes inspiration from humour, literature, history, and behavioural observations. She loves to play around with visual wit and exploring the best narrative possible through problem-solving. 




Discovered in 1842 by an English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel, cyanotype is a photography printing process that produces a cyan print. I can’t say I am an expert, but I will try my best and explain how I’ve done it. First, you mix the two cyanotype solutions together (please follow the product’s instructions). Then coat heavyweight watercolour paper in a dimly lit room. Leave to dry in a dark cupboard overnight or for 24 hours. 



Meanwhile, think about the image you want to produce. The way I do it is to invert my drawing in Photoshop, then print it onto copier paper / transparent acetate sheet.

Make sure there is enough sunlight before you start to develop (otherwise use artificial UV light). It’s advised that overexposure is always better than underexposure.

A Tiny History

24th August - 29th September


ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting “ A Tiny History”. It is a creative collaboration between Hong Kong based illustrator Kylie Chan and Belfast based multidisciplinary creative Karishma Kusurkar bringing to life visionary historical figures - some well known and others less-so - through captivating illustrations, printmaking, audio and augmented reality. Kylie & Karishma were artists-in-residence at the Belfast Print Workshop in summer 2019 to create limited edition screen prints and zine for the exhibition.

A selection of work from A Tiny History will be shown in Belfast, UK (The Duncairn, 23rd August-4th September) and in Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Odd One Out 24th August - 29th September.)

A Tiny History is funded by the Artist International Development Fund by Arts Council NI & British Council. 

Connections Hannah Forward's Exhibition

26th July - 21st August 2019

ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting Connections, the latest exhibition by Brighton (UK) based artist Hannah Forward.

"Connections" is an exhibition about Hannah’s observations of the relationship between the subjects that end up in her linocut prints.  Whether it be a girl cuddling up to her cat or a couple sharing a glass wine, a game of football, these connections & relationships form the vibrancy of her work and modern life.

Hannah Forward is an artist and printmaker who works from her studio in Hove on the south coast of the United Kingdom. She studied Graphic Design at Brighton University before becoming a full-time printmaker in 2018. Her work captures the everyday events and artefacts of modern life, with particular attention to social events and personal pastimes. She uses vivid colours and bold shapes to create detailed, textured prints which have a sense of movement and strong graphic quality.








Lubok Verlag Artists' Books Exhibition

18. 01 - 10. 02. 2019

First show of 2019 we are bringing Lubok Velarg to ODD ONE OUT.
Since 2007, Lubok have been publishing a series of Linocut in Leipzig, Germany. The project is led by multimedia artist Christophe Ruckhäberle and printer Thomas Simeon. They bring international artists together to create Lino printed artists’ books.
A selected collection of lino handprinted books and posters will be on show!


About Lubok Verlag

Since 2007 Lubok Verlag publishes graphic books with original linocuts by contemporary artists.

The books are printed directly from the linoleum plate on a historic cylinder press and aim to make graphic art available to a wide audience. Twelve issues of the „Lubok Series“ have been published so far, more than 140 artists have contributed. 

In addition more than thirty monographic artist books with original prints (lino, woodcut, material and screen print) have been released so far. The program is round up by artist books, zines and catalogues in offset and cliché print featuring the works by artists from various fields (painting, graphic, photography, collage, installation, etc.).

Lubok books are part of numerous libraries and graphic collections, including the National Library of Germany, the New York Public Library, the Bibliothèque Kandinsky of Musée National d'Art Moderne/ Centre Pompidou, the Centre d'Illustration Tomi Ungerer Strasbourg, the library of Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg as well as the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, the Städtisches Kunstmuseum Spendhaus Reutlingen, the Stiftung Museum Kunst Palast Düsseldorf, and many others.


30th November 2018- 6th January 2019

In celebration of the season and the 6th anniversary of ODD ONE OUT, we're proud to announce our new exhibition, 'Good Times'.

Good Times is a collection of new work from 20 of our illustrators /artists, some new, many who have previously exhibited, who have created work, especially for this show. Given the brief of simply 'Good Times', each artist has generated triplicate in a mini-print format.

Some of the artists in this show include ODD ONE OUT favourites such as Kaliz Lee, Pearl Law, Sandy Wang, Anna Gleeson, Kylie Chan, Charlene Man, Yiyu Lam, Katharine LiBretto, Guillaume Cornet, Danny Kostianos, Lousy, Angee Chan, Wong Sze Chit, Avery Lau, Cindy Leong, Chivas Leung, Jeannie Wong, Sammi Mak, Tin Wong, 三三 plus ceramic artist Laura Bird.

Running from 30th November 2018 to 6th January 2019, this exhibition is opening this Friday at ODD ONE OUT with a launch event from




The Urban Elephants: Hong Kong by Guillaume Cornet.
14 September - 17th October 2018
Opening 14 September 7pm - 9pm

ODD ONE OUT is proud to host The Urban Elephants: Hong Kong ’ by French artist Guillaume Cornet (aka Mr Guil). Based on moments and memories of his last visit to Hong Kong, this series of illustrations features many familiar and famous Hong Kong scenes, captured in Mr Guil’s own special way.
From Mong Kok tenements to ICC skyscrapers, you can literally spend hours exploring this work with all its intricate and often humorous details.

Featuring 32 pieces of original drawings plus a new etching print. Guillaume will also be launching his new book ‘Elephants on Tour’ published through Laurence King in early October.

Swinging Arms by Le Raclet

31st August - 12th September 2018

"To captivate the imagination is crucial."


"The Final End" is Irish artist Justin Larkin's debut solo exhibition in Hong Kong. 


The polarised relationship between seeming opposites - modern technology and antiquities, classical art and nature, sense and nonsense, is fascinating, and juxtaposing them can create new interpretations. Carefully removing context from various arrangements of images across different mediums, Justin allows new ideas to emerge. 


Justin employs painting, printmaking, and sculpture in his work, but instead of presenting each work individually, Larkin presents this show as an installation in order to create a dialogue between the image compositions. 


Building his pieces off of old images, these images removed from their original narrative context, become obsolete in one sense, but also available for re-animation in another. Larkin's pieces truly become his own.


Running from 10th-28th of August, Justin will be present at the opening on the 10th of August. We are looking forward to seeing you there!



ODD ONE OUT presents our latest exhibition by Polish visual artist & printmaker Ewelina Skowronska.

In her latest series 'Made of Fragments', Ewelina contains a strong sense of colour play and form, exploring the line between the abstract and the figurative. Inspired by everyday human experiences and the fluidity and movement of the human body, her latest work has also been influenced Japanese culture on account of being based in Tokyo.

Ewelina Skowronska is a visual artist & printmaker, born in Poland living between London and Tokyo. A graduate of the University of the Arts, London she has exhibited in London, Ireland, Poland and Tokyo. This is her first exhibition in Hong Kong.

The exhibition runs from 22nd of June to 24th of July with an opening on the 22nd from 7pm. Ewelina will be present at the opening. We looking forward to see you there!





Where We Once Played

By Grace Myers

25 May - 18 June

ODD ONE OUT is proud to present “Where we once played”, an intaglio print exhibition by Australian Printmaker Grace Myers. 

This series explores the childhood and nostalgia and the melancholy passing of time.
Having spent time in China when she was younger, this series has a strong influence of Chinese architecture, mixed with various characters who often feature in her work. These characters view the landscape both from the perspective of a child, contemplative,  but full of wonder and fascination, as well as from a more somber perspective of an adult, coming to see the world as it really is.  
The work from this series was created over two artist-in-residency periods at Guanlan International Printmaking Base in Shenzhen.




Tales Of A Mythical Court
Asahi Mio Solo Exhibition
23rd March 2018 - 17th April 2018

ODD ONE OUT are proud to present “Tales of A Mythical Court”, an exhibition by Japanese artist Mio Asahi.

This exhibition is a showing of etching prints of Mio’s from the past 20 years. Her work is a celebration of happiness and joy such as a goddess tame dragons with the backdrop of three moons in the sky over a town. With her simple and beautiful palette and compositions, we can feel a distinctive world of Mio’s where oriental meets the unknown ancient mystic.

This is her first exhibition in Hong Kong, and Mio will be in attendance at opening night drinks on Friday 23rd March 7pm - 9pm


9th February  -20th March 2018 (Extended)

Artists Meet and Greet  23rd February (Friday) at 7 pm

ODD ONE OUT is proud to present our latest exhibition “Dog Show", a print, sculpture exhibition by Day Job Studio

‘Dog show’ is an exhibition by Day Job Studio which celebrates our favourite fluffy, fun, bouncing friends in all their shapes and sizes. Work is inspired by the true beauty within dogs and dismisses the strict rules of traditional ‘Dog Show’s’. 

Featuring illustrations of long dogs, short dogs, furry dogs and bald dogs, expect a show of paws, claws and much more.

Day Job Studio was founded in London in 2012 by a group of illustrators with a shared ethos of playfulness and a desire to encourage abstract thinking.

‘Dog show’ is an exhibition by Day Job Studio which celebrates our favourite fluffy, fun, bouncing friends in all their shapes and sizes. Work is inspired by the true beauty within dogs and dismisses the strict rules of traditional ‘Dog Show’s’.
Featuring illustrations of long dogs, short dogs, furry dogs and bald dogs, expect a show of paws, claws and much more.

We are hosting Meet and Greet on Friday 23h of February at ODD ONE OUT with a launch event from 6pm to 9 pm with the artist in attendance. We hope to see you there!

The exhibition runs from the 9th February to 20th March 2018.

The Wild Things - Kyoko Imazu Exhibition

24th Nov -17 th Dec 2017

PV 24th Nov at 7pm

ODD ONE OUT is proud to present our latest exhibition "The Wild Things", a print, sculpture and papercut exhibition by Kyoko Imazu. 

Fascinated by strange creatures specifically  (yokài), her new series explores the relationship between animals and humans. Evoking the many states of life, death and regeneration, her work looks closely at the how important this relationship is.

Kyoko is a Japanese artist, printmaker and sculptor, living and working in Australia. She is mostly known for her printmaking and her work has been featured in multiple solos and group exhibitions museums and galleries including Kyoto Museum of Art in Kyoto, Japan, Japan Foundation Gallery, Sydney to Australia, Davidson Galleries in Seattle, USA, and many more. Imazu has been featured with us since 2012, and this is the third solo exhibition at ODD ONE OUT.

The exhibition is opening this Friday 24h of November at ODD ONE OUT with a launch event from 7 pm to 9 pm with the artist in attendance. We hope to see you there!

The exhibition runs from the 24th November to 17th December 2017.

This Land Is Your Land
26.10.2017 - 21.11.2017
Opening 26.10.2017 at 7pm

'This Land Is Your Land' by American printmaker Katherine Libretto is inspired by the natural landscape and how humans experience them. This theme became prominent in her work when I noticed the impact of rapid over-development and loss of spacious undeveloped land.
Environment and wanderlust inspire her work as she aims to provide a diversity of landscapes, offering personal narratives. The places that are featured are places she has spent time studying in person, trekking by foot throughout, and driving hundreds of miles to reach.  
After her successful 'Here, There & Everywhere' show in Hong Kong in 2014, this is her second exhibition at ODD ONE OUT.

About Katherine Libretto
Born and raised in New York, Katherine Libretto is a US based printmaker who exhibits regularly in London, Hong Kong & the US. Previously a graphic designer, Katherine moved to London in 2011 to focus on developing her printmaking skills fulltime, obtaining a Masters with Merit from Camberwell College of Art. Since then she has worked prolifically, having taken residencies and exhibited all over the world.
Katherine currently runs and works from Inky Hands Prints Studio in Dallas in the US.


ODD ONE OUT is proud to present DRESS exhibition, a series of paper pulp paintings by Anna Gleeson.

“Put on that dress
 I’m going out dancing
 Starting off red
 Clean and sparkling,  
 he’ll see me”

Anna is interested in the casual, everyday objectification of women’s bodies; the way the waist is treated like a moveable sculpture; dressed in garments that cinch to reveal the thinness of the thinnest part, making of the body a tidy shape on which to put some ornamentation - like a vase ready to be painted. This series of paper pulp paintings uses a limited number of shapes at play with one another to create multiple variations that reference fashion, smart-phone screens and the half-tone dot of the printed image.

Her curiosity in making these works was around positive and negative space; the way that the coloured dots seem to vibrate and jump from on the dress to in front of the dress, revealing or obscuring the body. She became fascinated with adding ornament to ornament until it reached a pretty (or ugly) climax.

Quote is from the song, Dress by PJ Harvey, 1991.


From this Sunday until mid-September, every weekend we will have live portrait sessions by kylie chan's Illustration from 2-6pm!

Fun, comical and sometimes a little dark, Kylie has exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, and now you have the opportunity to own a commissioned piece of your own. Portraits are $350.

With every portrait, we will be serving a complimentary drink of your choice from




ODD ONE OUT is proud to present our latest exhibition "Les Contemplations", the latest exhibition from Australian artist Damon Kowarsky.

Starting as sketches while undertaking a residency in the historical French village of Léhon, Damon Kowarsky’s latest exhibition ‘Les Contemplations’ was inspired by long walks through the countryside, thinking about nature and forgotten structures.

Printed in Australia and at the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base in China, Damon’s latest exhibition further demonstrates his versatility while still being able to maintain his very distinct style.

This is his second solo exhibition at ODD ONE OUT, and we are excited to be hosting this exhibition between the 30th of June until the 30th of July.

The exhibition is opening this Friday 30th of June at ODD ONE OUT with a launch event from 7 pm to 9 pm with the artist in attendance. We hope to see you there!

G/F 14 St Francis Street
Wan Chai
Hong Kong


For additional information, please contact at +852 2529 3955 or send an email to



ODD ONE OUT present: Minotaur #1, Yiyu Lam’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Featuring screenprints from the artist’s latest short comic series, Minotaur#1. The story started from an old myth about men and oxen could be spiritually bonded, it had been circulated in a village for long.

Some of these villagers found a religious cult by dressing up as the beast they respect, and claiming themselves had acquired supernatural abilities from the divine beast…

Yiyu Lam is an artist and illustrator, born 1990, particularly interested in storytelling. Graduated from Royal College of Art and Camberwell College of Arts. Lam is now a freelancer spending his time working on self-publishing. His work has been featured in different platforms such as Vogue(Japan) and Tate(UK).

Exhibition Date: 26/05/2017 - 25/07/2017
Time: Tue to Sat 12:00-19:30; Sun & Bank Holiday 12:00-19:00

Open Party: 26/05/2017 (Friday) at 19:00-21:00

Address G/F, 14 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 灣仔聖佛蘭士街 14 號
Inquiry: +852 2529 3955


Odd One Out X Commune Press Presents: Saki Obata Solo Exhibition

Dawn, is the first solo exhibition by Japanese illustrator Saki Obata in Hong Kong. 

Exhibition Date: 12/04/2017 - 21/05/2017
Time: Tue to Sat 12:00-19:30; Sun & Bank Holiday 12:00-19:00

Open Party: 12/04/2017 (Weds) at 19:00-21:00

Address G/F, 14 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 灣仔聖佛蘭士街 14 號
Inquiry: +852 2529 3955


Odd One Out Presents: Onion Peterman Solo Exhibition
There’s Too Much Going On

There’s Too Much Going On, is the latest solo exhibition by Hong Kong illustrator and printmaker Gabrielle Tam A.K.A Onion Peterman. The works in this exhibition capture the vibrancy, hustle & bustle and general sensory overload that Asia is famous for, but depicts it in different ways than you may expect. 
This exhibition features 17 new screenprints along with a new limited edition Zine launch!

Exhibition runs from 13th Jan - 26th Feb (EXTENDED)

Gabrielle Tam graduated from The Academy of Visual Art of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012 and currently lives and works in Hong Kong. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in Hong Kong & Korea. She is also a prolific zine publisher, from which she has generated a strong following.

Exhibition Date: 13/1/2017 - 26/2/2017
Time: Tue to Sat 12:00-19:30; Sun & Bank Holiday 12:00-19:00

Open Party: 13/1/2017 at 19:00-21:00

Address G/F, 14 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 灣仔聖佛蘭士街 14 號
Inquiry: +852 2529 3955

Odd One Out Presents: Don Mak Solo Exhibition
香港轉角 Hong Kong Story Corner

展覽日期 : 29 /11/2016 - 15/12/ 2016


“Hong Kong Story Corner” is the first exhibition by Hong Kong illustrator Don Mak. It is a series of 6 illustrations, each piece depicts an era since the 1960s, with images of street corners and intersections representing the turning points of times in Hong Kong. Although the landscape, people and buildings change, each piece maintains similar themes, capturing the unique Hong Kong character and identity which has passed through generations.
The works for this exhibition were illustrated in water-colour with digital modification, and have then been produced as etchings.

Exhibition Date: 29/11/2016 - 15/12/2016
Time: Tue to Sat 12:00-19:30; Sun & Bank Holiday 12:00-19:00

Open Party: 2/12/2016 at 19:00-21:00

Address G/F, 14 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 灣仔聖佛蘭士街 14 號
Inquiry: +852 2529 3955

 ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting "Down Time", the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong for Charlene Man.

In this exhibition, Charlene explores the themes of stillness and relaxation in defense of laziness. This project (comprised of paintings, screen prints, publications and sculptures) celebrate stillness, quietness and the value of doing nothing.

Practices such as meditation and mindfulness are enjoying a renaissance in the West, where modern lives are goal based, chaotic and often lacking in moments of stillness.

While these practices are ostensibly of Eastern origin, attitudes to personal growth in the East are still characterised by hard work and labour. Through these works, Charlene is exploring and celebrating the moments in between, and the power of relaxation.

Charlene started to become interested in these notions, in contrast to her personal backdrop of hard work and upbringing in a traditional Chinese family, when she realised that her hectic schedule was stifling her creativity and capacity for creating ideas. She was working harder than ever but getting less done. In accepting and embracing moments of quietness, she allowed the seeds of new ideas and ways of thinking to take root. It became apparent that a huge part of personal growth is to give time and space to the quietness.

Charlene is a freelance illustrator based in Hong Kong and London. She has been working on children's book, magazines, window display, mural etc. Her previously client included Laurence King Publishing, ELLE magazine UK & Hong Kong, Art Asia Pacific magazine, TOPMAN, LOFT JAPAN etc. She aims to keep the momentum of “Being happy images” and she enjoys boredom moments and focuses on small thoughts. She is DOWN TIME is a travelling exhibition started in Osaka, Japan, Saga, Japan, and is going to Hong Kong & Taipei.

The exhibition runs from the 4th of November to the 27th of November 2016.

We will be having a grand opening with the artist in attendance this Friday the 4th at ODD ONE OUT, starting at 7pm.
Additionally, from 3-6pm this weekend (5th & 6th) of November, Charlene will be conducting a live 'Lazy Yoga' drawing session.

7th of October - 2nd of November 2016

ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting "Journey", the first solo exhibition for Sayaka Kawamura in Hong Kong.

She was born in Hokkaido, Japan and graduated with a Master Degree in Printmaking from Tama Art University Graduate School. She will be showing a series of "Moku-Hanga" Japanese water base woodcut prints from her latest collection. 

"This series is a conversation between the artist and the wood. From that a song is born, a song of my journey, my memories".

Her works have been collected by Tama Art University, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Kanuma Municipal Art Museum Of Kawakami Sumio .

19th August (FRI) - 18th Sept (SUN)
Opening Reception 19th August 2016 7.30pm - 9pm

Kylie Chan is an illustrator. She specializes in using Chinese calligraphy brushes to ink her designs, creating movement and breathing life into her art. Her work centers on capturing moments - from the mundane to the fantastical, and telling a story through her images.

" I Shoot You, You Shoot Me, I Shoot You Back" is inspiration from her personal life, Kylie infuses her illustrations with complex personalities. A panoramic scene captures a standoff between characters - at once whimsical and nostalgic. A cowboy fights to free his lady-love; and she fights for him. A fighter draws his gun, only to let loose a shower of colorful confetti. A spirit of whimsy permeates these scenes.

Vintage photos, cult movies, and comics play a big part in her work. In this exhibition her zine was inspired by her favorite action movies. Showcasing teamwork in particular - these heroes from across different periods are involved in a colossal gun fight. With bullets flying, dozens of beloved characters fill this landscape participating in this mad melee.

Kylie Chan was graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in London, major in illustration. She currently works for ODD ONE OUT gallery and also publishes an indie magazine, ZINE. She has had her solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Her illustrations can also be seen in local publications, including Apple Daily, Weekend Weekly, ELLE, what.bookgazine, MMM, boysize, among many others.

作為一個插畫家,Kylie Chan 擅長於以中國水墨手法,將活潑的生命注入作品當中。她將無數或平凡或精釆的瞬間記錄下來,以畫作描述故事。

以生活作為靈感,Kylie 的畫作中充滿不同的人物角色。她一個取境廣闊的畫作系列,捕捉了一場決鬥-一個怪誕而古典嚴肅的畫面-為美人而戰的西部牛仔、同時願意與牛仔並肩作戰的美人、擎槍待發的戰士,合共爆發出色彩班爛的五色彩帶。恢諧的氣氛充滿着整個畫面。

懷舊攝影,邪典電影及漫畫對Kylie 創作有很大的啟發。此次展覽中,其小畫冊取靈感於她最愛的動作電影。不同時期的英雄們一同現身於一場史詩式槍戰,子彈橫飛,在激烈的廝殺中,為人喜愛的角式填滿了畫面的角落。

Kylie Chan畢業於倫敦Camberwell College of Arts,主修插畫。她現時正於ODD ONE OUT 畫廊工作,以及出版獨立雜誌《ZINE》。她曾於香港,中國大陸,日本,台灣及新加坡舉辦個人畫展。她的插畫作品曾被刊登於不同的刊物,包括《蘋果日報》、《新假期》、《ELLE》、《what.bookgazine》、《MMM》、《boysize》及其他出版刊物。

Argi Chang & Janeni Chen- Life Is Like A Forest; Love Is Like A Forest”

1st July (FRI) - 31st July (SUN)
Opening Reception 1st July 7.30pm - 9pm

ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting 'Life Is Like A Forest; Love Is Like A Forest’ exhibition created by Argi Chang & Janeni Chen an art duo based in Taichung, Taiwan.

Although living in the city has many advantages, they share a strong fondness for the forest as it allows them to take simple delight in mere observation and individual discovery. The specific nature of the artists’ illustrated journaling, captures the details in nature as they see it unfolding in front of them. From the detail of a nut falling on the ground to the dew on a leaf in the morning, they wish to make the audience feel love and warmth towards life.

The exhibition of 'Life Is Like A Forest; Love Is Like A Forest' brings together the creative duo's prolific output which includes collaging, screen prints and zines from the last 3 years.

The duo feel incredibly blessed that they are able to pursue their passions in illustrations and printing, and look forward to exhibiting 4 brand new screenprint exclusively for ODD ONE OUT in Hong Kong. Argi and Janeni will be in attendance at the exhibition opening on the 1st of July at ODD ONE OUT, starting at 7.30pm. The show will run until 31st of July.

Argi and Janeni and ODD ONE OUT would love to see you there! We warmly welcome your presence at the opening and would be happy to answer any questions you may have either on the night, or beforehand by contacting the gallery directly.

由張宗舜(Argi Chang)和陳妮均(Janeni Chen)所組成的雙人繪組,深感都市的生活雖然沒有不好,但卻更嚮往自由的森林生活。忙碌之餘,除了自己營運空間Artqpie之外,也從事插畫繪圖與編輯出版的工作,以只工作不上班的想法將生活內的元素帶往繪畫與印刷的國度,將展出累積超過三年的製作,從剪貼和手繪到絹印與出版,將生活中觀察到的各種事物描繪,無論是果實或生活道具都以獨特的方式記錄著;因此,作品多樣的感受就和生活一樣,充滿溫度和愛。

展出內容主要18幅剪紙絹印為主(各只有一幅,皆已裱框),另外製作一組專為Odd One Out展出全新製作的絹印,內容關於過去三年所繪製的出版品,以絹印的方式完成。販售部分,除了畫作以外,會有《森林別冊Vol.2、Vol.3》獨立刊物,以及《森林別冊Vol.1的改版》

Guillaume Cornet (FR) - Elephant in Hong Kong Exhibition 

ODD ONE OUT are proud to be hosting ‘Elephants in Hong Kong’, the first Hong Kong exhibition for London-via-Paris artist Guillaume Cornet (aka Mr Guil).

Guil’s cityscapes capture elements of life rather than people. After visiting South America and witnessing the activity within the communities in the favelas, Guil returned to London and set out to create his own vision of cities like London, Paris & New York. The clothes hanging from a window, the couple arguing in the kitchen, Guil’s work captures the theatre of everyday life in an interesting, intimate and at times, hilarious way.

Screen printed in monochrome then hand coloured, each piece is truly unique and reflects the mood and season of the artist, each artwork may takes over 100 hours. Using very traditional methods with very little reliance on technology, Guil’s ensures that his work maintains as much character as possible.

Mr Guil is excited to come to Hong Kong and unveil artwork featuring Hong Kong cityscapes for the very first time. Guil’s work featuring Hong Kong perfectly captures the smells, sounds and characters we experience on a daily basis. Mr Guil will be in attendance at the exhibition opening on the 18 of March at ODD ONE OUT, starting at 7pm to 9pm.

 The show will run until 20 of April.


An Gee Chan - Stress Me Out Exhibition

19/FEB (FRI) - 15/ MARCH (TUES) 2016

PV 19/FEB 6pm - 9pm

ODD ONE OUT are proud to be hosting Hong Kong artist An Gee Chan’s first home town solo exhibition, ‘Stress Me Out’.

After 9 years in London, and with a Masters in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art and an illustration and animation BA from Kingston University, An Gee returned to Hong Kong in 2013 and set out to find room to work in a city where print making facilities are hard to come by. ’Stress Me Out’ depicts scenes of re-establishing yourself in a place where you thought you were familiar. 

Gravitating towards large scale mono prints, An Gee feels that these allow her to enjoy the best of both worlds by combining printmaking as well as painting. Constantly experimenting and approaching her works in different ways, this exhibition also features some smaller screen prints, being run in editions. Her use of colour and humour in her titles creates a nice juxtapose to the emotions displayed in her work.

An Gee has held solo shows in London as well as participated in group exhibitions in Hong Kong. When she isn’t printing in her extremely well equipped printmaking studio at the JCCAC building, she is teaching printmaking at the Baptist University Hong Kong.

‘Stress Me Out will be running from 19th of February to 15 March, at the ODD ONE OUT gallery. 

The opening on the 19th starts at 6pm to 9pm. An Gee and ODD ONE OUT would love to see you there! We warmly welcome your presence at the opening and would be happy to answer any questions you may have either on the night, or beforehand by contacting the gallery directly.



G/F 14 St Francis Street

Wan Chai

Hong Kong

Gallery opens everyday from 12:00pm to 7:30pm

For additional information, please contact at +852 25293955 or send an email to








書仔活動 ZINE SCENE 2015

11 / FEB - 8 / MARCH 2015

We Hope you can join us for the opening Wednesday 11th of February  at ODD ONE OUT, from 7pm to 9pm. The exhibition will be running from 11th of February to 8th of March.

ODD ONE OUT and Ink'chacha are proud to announce Zine Scene 2015! 

A celebration of the talent of illustrators and artists, Zine Scene 2015 is exhibiting and selling a vast collection of different 'Zines' from over 40 local and international artists.

What's a Zine? A Zine is most commonly a small circulation self-published book of original work. Without the costs and restricting limitations of traditional press and magazines, 

Zines are a true expression of creativity produced for the artist and their audience. What creators and readers of Zines alike love is the infinite possibilities which has lead to a huge cult following for this medium.

ODD ONE OUT 與 Inkchacha 攜手舉辦 Zine Scene 2015!
聯同一眾創意無限的插畫師和藝術家,製作、展出並發售超過40個來自香港和世界各地的 「Zine」。



Emilie Sarnel (FR) , Kyoko Imazu (Japan)Tobias Cutman (CH)WongSzechit (HK)Mark Goss (UK)Evah Fan (USA), Frederick CK Tam, Camilla Frankl-Slater, Caroline Ong Seng & Tahlia Chloe, Chie Miyazaki (JPN)Kylie Chan (HK),Brainrental (HK)Pearl Law (HK)Don Mak (HK)Onion Peterman (Hong Kong)Laura Griffin (UK)Charlene Man (HK)Lazy Burger, Son Ni (HK), Chihoi (HK)Rex Koo (HK), Adeline Ho (HK), Hahaiamandy (HK), Scary Bird & Overloaddance (HK), Wilson Shieh (HK)Siumou Chow (HK), Ko Sing (HK), Furze Chan (HK)Vita Mak (HK), Keiko Omama (JPN)Nanae Kawahara (JPN), Tetsuya Kataoka (JPN), Ronan Leung (HK)Palefroi (GER)Cheng Ting Ting (HK)Jeffery Yeung (HK)Dirty Paper (HK)Kaliz Lee (HK), Abhi (HK), Don't Cry In The Morning (HK), Derek Li (HK), Kindey (HK), Patricia Choi (HK), Patricia Choi (HK), 肓公夫人, Commune Gallery (JPN)Kristopher Ho (HK), People of Print (UK)Katol (HK)Parents Parents (HK) more!




 Experimental New York born printmaking artist Katharine LiBretto, her first exhibition in Hong Kong. Showing a new series of screenprint created in New York. 

We Hope you can join us for the opening Friday 26th September at ODD ONE OUT, from 7pm to 9pm. The exhibition will be running from 27th of September to 27th of October.

"Here, there & Everywhere" is a series of fine art screen-printed editions, depicting natural landscapes and constructed landmarks in vivid colour and dynamic imagery. The imagery takes inspiration from the artist’s surroundings, reflecting on her observations and experiences. The landscape prints within the series are composited of real and imagined scenery, fused into compositions that could be everywhere and anywhere. The landmark prints within the series are hand drawings of buildings, removed from the greater cityscape where they are found, singled out and altered in colour, environment and detail.


"My practice is fueled by an interest in the coexistence of natural and man-made elements in both rural and urban environments.   Through both observation and imagination, the work views and deconstructs landscapes and cityscapes at a particular point in time, hinting at narratives, but allowing for many possible interpretations.  Along with time, both historical and contemporary, an identity of place is a key characteristic of my work, providing a unique perception and understanding. It offers a composite of real and imagined places, fused into compositions that could be everywhere and anywhere. Some compositions call for the viewer to engage with the subject, and evoke nostalgic associations. 

I experiment with screen printing techniques, developing both clean and illustrative work, recalling my graphic arts roots.  I also create new allusive and gestural effects in my work, using a painterly-print approach.   The experimental way in which I am using screen printing is similar to a painter in a studio, working with a variety of materials, manipulating the flat surface of paper, adding illusion and texture and areas of depth and complexity in multiple layers.  In addition, I experiment with color and application, ink additives (pearlescents and phosphorescents), hybrid techniques, varnishing and gilding, overpainting and underpainting." - Katharine LiBretto


Click here  to download or view the exhibition catalogue.  




ODD ONE OUT is proud to present "Hands -On", a collective of limited edition art prints exhibition. 


“Hands- On” will be showing from the 8th of August to the 7th of September with an opening reception on 8th August, Friday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.






6th June to 29th June 2014

ODD ONE OUT is proud to present “Over There”, the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong for Damon Kowarsky.


“Over There” will be showing from the 7th of June to the 29th of June with an opening reception with the artist in attendance on 6th June, Friday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Damon will also be running a monoprint printmaking workshop at Odd One Out on 8th June (Sunday) from 15:00 to 17:00 in which we warmly welcome anybody interested in art prints to come along and try their hand at printing themselves.


Damon studied printmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts and Glasgow School of Art as well as Advanced Figure Drawing with Godwin Bradbeer at RMIT. In 2000 he graduated from VCA with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) in Printmaking. The recipient of numerous prizes and awards including a Toyota Community Spirit Artist Travel Award and Collie Trust Scholarship. Since 2009, Damon and his collaborator  Kyoko Imazu with Aesop’s Creative Advisors led varies installation project in Aesop stores in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.


Damon Kowarsky is excited and motivated by travel, and has spent much of his artistic career drawing cities and villages, as well as people and artifacts, in North Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He has what appears to be an obsessive interest in the forms of the city. In Kowarsky's hand, even the most chaotic public intersection appears quiet and clean, an effect he compares to 19th century photography.


“Over There” is an exhibition of new etchings from his Artist in Residence in Guanlan Original Printmaking Base is 2014 and of people and places from Damon's recent travels.


'Over there' is running from the 6th June  until the 29th of June  at the ODD ONE OUT gallery. Hidden away in the back streets of Wan Chai just off the very trendy St Francis Street area. ODD ONE OUT offers an exquisite range of 'affordable art' in the form of limited run of original art prints and homewares, which have been handcrafted by the artists. 


Gallery hours are 12:00pm to 7:30pm Tuesday - Sunday or by appointment. For additional information, please contact  +852 25293955 or email to


Address: Odd One Out, G/F, 34 Sau Wa Fong, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Click here to see all Damon Kowarsky pieces we currently have available



OddOneOut is proud to present La Calaca 2013 exhibition in Hong Kong.

The exhibition will be held at varies location at Sau Wa Fong and St Francis street during 16th to 18th May, 2014.

Since 2010 Carlos Barbarena has organised an exhibition and print exchange on the theme of Mexico's Day of the Dead. Skulls, devils,skeletons and humour abound in celebration of this important date in Mexico's festive calendar.

243 printmaking artists around the world participated in 2013. This is the first time the work has been shown in Hong Kong.

The La Calaca travelling exhibition will be exhibited at Odd One Out and at participating shops in the neighbourhood, including Manks, Lala Curio, Jouer, Polab, {sfs} cafe, Igloo, and Colorful Colors.

In addition, there will be a free monoprint workshop run by Kristopher Ho from 3pm to 4.30pm on Sunday May 18th.


Participating Artists: 

Alberto Meza, Alejandro Aranda, Alfonsina Bascourleguy, Alicia Smith, Alicia Ulm, Aline Lobo, Alvaro Medina Barbosa, Amanda León Castañon, Amber Ernst, Amparo Topete, Andrea Enríquez Guadarrama, Angel Francisco García Iniguez, Anne Stone, Antonio Pazarán, Arturo Benito González Mondragón, Ashley Belmontes, Ashley Cranney, Ashley Shaul, Audrey Desler, Barbara Robbins, Barbara Ryan, Berenice Dueñas, Beverly Keys, Bill Hay, Bob Craig, Brandon Sanderson, Brandon Zech, Brandy Parsons, Brian Randall, Calos Frésquez, Cameron Kerr , Carlos Barberena, Carlos G. Gómez, Carlos Monsalve M., Carmen Alarcón, Carmen D. Meléndez-Lugo, Carolina Florez, Carolina Mauricio Escobar, Carolina Rodríguez Herrera, Cecilia Bojorquez, Celeste De Luna, César Barberena, Chelsey Becker, Chrissy Sauerbrunn, Christian Wildes, Cindi Ford, Citlalli Vazquez Solano, Clara Delgado, Clara Hidalgo S., Claudia Ivónne Martinez Aguirre, Claudia Medina Angel, Claudia Vasquez, Claudio Salazar Marín, Clay McGlamory, Cristina Keller, Damon Kowarsky, Daniel Manzano, Darcy Cline, David Mohallatee, David W. Thomas, Derrick Adams, Eduardo Casillas, Eduardo Esparza, Eduardo Muñoz García, Elena Grijalva Redín, Elena maria Luce Fodera, Eliza Cueto, Eliza María Zubiaga López, Erich Neitzke, Erik Salgado, Fernando López Guevara, Francisco Hernández Chavarría, Gerardo Rendón Salcedo, Geri Vela, Gerry Wubben, Gilberto Loera Nuñez, Gilberto López, Giovanni Rios Castro, Guadalupe Anaya, Guadalupe Suazo, Gustavo Abalde, Hamilton Reyes, Heather Bryant, Helen Taylor, Humberto Corral Morales AKA Desorden Juana Gallo, Imelda Angelica Rodea Samano, Inés Chaves Pedrazo, Ireri Topete, Irma Cruz Guevara, Isela Arroyo Fuentes, Jackie Hocking, Jade Lees-Pavey, Jael Cristina Alvarado Jáquez, Janet Yagoda Shagam, Janne Laine, Javier Lara, Jessi Hardesty, Jessi Hornbrook, Jessica Cheng, Jessica Guerra, Jesús Mateos Brea, Joanna Pavlopoulou, Joe Marshall, John Charles Cox, John Ryrie, Jonathan Rebolloso , José Catarino Del Hoyo Avila, José Gracia Pastor, José Nemecio Umaña, Joshua Kolbow, Juan Carlos Oscos, Juan Carlos Ponce López, Juan Holguín Mejía, Juan José Mendoza Gutiérrez, Juan Manuel Mendez Rubio, Juana Navío Soto, Judith Feist, Julia Curran, June Lundy (AKA Julu) , Jurriaan Rexwinkel, K.E. Schaffer, Karla Villareal, Kate sheridan, Kathi Knox, Kevin McCloskey, Kyoko Imazu, Lanfranco Lanari, Laura Brown, Lawrence Finn, Licia Mariela Escobar, Liliana Gerardi, Lillian Méndez, Lisa Kesler, Lisa Wicka, Lisé Byer, Lori Dean Dyment, Louise Stebbing, Lourdes Lica, Lourdes Merino, Lucero Valdez Rodriguez, Luis Carbajal García, Luisa Correa Del Rey, Luke Ball, Luz Mariana Nava Gómez, Lynne Hubner, Maclovio Cantú IV, Marc Brunier-Mestas, Marcela Arias, Marco Guerra, Margarita Vega Ochoa, Mari Carmen Souza, María Araceli García Robles, Maria Cieri, María Eugenia Hernández Gómez, María Lourdes Gaitán, María Polán Morato, María Reneé Pérez, María Salazar, Mariana Contreras Arévalo, Mariana Hoffmann, Marie Meier, Mark Eadie, Mark Obermayer, Markus Haala, Martin Orozco, Marwin Begaye, Mary M. Mazziotti, Matzuri Ratz González Nava, Meghan Rose Griffiths, Melissa West, Michael Heck, Michèle Philippe-Arellano, Miguel Sanz Salazar, Mizraim Cárdenas, Monica De La Cruz Hinojos, Monica Wiesblott, Morgan Price, Myles Calvert, Nicole Alejandra Aravena Zúñiga, Noah Exum, Nunik Sauret Rangel, Pál Csaba, Paul Valadez, Pedro Tello, Pedro Valhondo Sanchez-Marín, Petru Voichescu, Pichereau Alain, Preston Bradley, Rafael Luna Rivera, Ramiro Rodriguez, Raquel Valverde Rodríguez, Raven Victoria Erebus, Raymundo Castillo Bautista, Renato Rea, Reynaldo Santiago, Ricardo Sanabria Medina, Robert Barberena De La Rocha, Roberto González Lozano, Roberto Sandino, Rogelio Gutierrez, Roni Vela, Rosa María C. Dies, Roses Annie, Roy Camacho, Ruthann Godollei, S.V. Medaris, Sal Sidner, Salvador Jiménez Flores, Sam Cikauskas, Samanta Treviño Valdez, Sandy Duckett, Sarah Victoria, Scarleth López, Sharron Okines, Sheila Rocha, Stephanie Reilly, Susana Abbona , Susana Delgado Ruiz, Susana Llanos Sáenz, Suzannah O'Reilly, Suzanne Deland, Suzanne L. Kepert, Tammy Harrington, Teresa J. Parker, Thom Kinzel, Tony Ortega, Val McCann, Veronica González Zamora, Victor Oliver, Victor Ortega, Vincent Dolan, Yesika Felix, Yula J. Cambronero Bonilla and Zina Sirutis, 





Odd One Out are proud to present 'AWWWWWW" the first public exhibition of art in Hong Kong for Kylie CHAN (HK) and Chie MIYAZAKI (JPN).

'AWWWWWWW' will be showing from the 4th to 30th of April with an opening reception with the artist Kylie CHAN (HK) and Chie MIYAZAKI (JPN) in attendance on 4th April from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. 

AWWWWWWW is a collaborative works from both of the artists and zine launch. Kylie and Chie are graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in London with a BA Illustration Degree in 2010. The two remind close friends and this is the first time exhibiting and collaborating in Hong Kong.


Kylie Chan has been exhibiting in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Kylie has learnt to follow her gut feelings, to allow the sensations of her hand to guide her illustrations. Unmediated by the drafting process, She meditate on the pens series of gestures on the paper. Observing the flow of the ink, the ridges on the paper - the accidental surprises synchronised with her own intention - unfold before eyes.
Chie Miyazaki is an illustrator, working in both Japan and England and currently based in London. Raised in a ceramic studio, she heritage the art of working on cray and she started applying her illustration onto pottery. Naive with a energetic style, all are one off pieces. She enjoys working with clay and the sometimes unexpected shapes it creates. When painting ceramics, she likes try to listen and see what colour the clay itself wants to wear. Chie feels close to her instinct when working in ceramic, bringing a nostalgic feeling of childhood and her background to her work. It makes the process one of complete pleasure!



Damon Kowarsky and Kyoko Imazu Installation @ Aesop! 



It is our pleasure to partner with Aesop to invite you to view an permeant installation by artists Damon Kowarsky and Kyoko Imazu.

Damon studied printmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts and Glasgow School of Arts, and advanced figure drawing at RMIT; Kyoko trained in printmaking, visual arts and design at RMIT. They have worked together since 2010, having met at the Australian Print Workshop in Melbourne in 2008.

Using a simple etching process, this exceptional pair explores themes of nature, science, art and technology to create pieces of great subtlety, variety and humour.

Aesop are delighted to host their installation at their Head Office in Sheung Wan. Please join us on 6 March to enjoy celebratory refreshments and to explore these remarkable pieces.

Thursday 6 March, 6.30pm-8:30pm

Where: Aesop Head Office
22 Upper Station Street
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong






Life Along The River Exhibition 7 March to 30th March 2013


Odd One Out is proud to introduce “ Life Along The River” an exhibition of collaborative etchings made since 2010 by Damon Kowarsky (AUS) and Kyoko Imazu (JP). 

Life Along the River is a collaborative suite of 14 etchings and an accompanying zine. The prints and zine are based on Damon's drawings of the riverside architecture of Kyoto, Japan with artistic interventions by Kyoko.
The drawings were made during our research trip to Japan in 2011 and 2013.

The complete suite of Along the River can be viewed at Odd One Out from 7 - 30 March.
You are all welcome to come to the opening party on 7 March, 7:00 - 9:00pm.




| AFFORDABLE ART FAIR HONG KONG | 21st -23rd MARCH | Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre | STAND B04 |

We are frilled to announce that we will be exhibiting at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2014.

Showing over 15 artists from local illustrators to international printmaker new works, dropped by to STAND B04 and say Hello!



Odd One Out are proud to present 'Feathers and fur', the first public exhibition of art in Hong Kong for Kyoko Imazu. 

'Feathers and furs' will be showing from the 21st of November to the 15th of December with an opening reception with the artist in attendance on November 21st from 6:00pm to 11:00pm.

Kyoko is a Japanese artist who has found herself residing in Melbourne, Australia since 2002 where she works on multiple mediums including etching and aquatint print creating some of the most unique and interesting pieces found in the medium.  

ODD ONE OUT found Kyoko's work while on a trip to Kyoko's current of home of Melbourne on an art exploration trip and was instantly drawn to her work and was thrilled when Kyoko accepted her offer to fly out to Hong Kong for the opening of this exhibition. Although not her first time exhibiting internationally, she is excited about showing her art in Hong Kong because she has heard and seen many things about the burgeoning art scene and looks forward to getting amongst it.

As a child, Kyoko drew animals like rabbits, rats, cats and birds for her mother. These choice of subjects have carried over into her current work and animals continue to dominate her art practice. Her works on paper are inspired by Japanese folklore, museum taxidermy collections as well as her cat Rachel. Although her work recalls elements of from tales told to her as a child, she prefers to keep the narratives open and ambiguous so that people can make up their own stories. In the same sense that Maurice Sendak's 'Where the Wild Things Are' created a virtual universe in the space of just 300 words, Kyoko's pieces allows a viewer to let their imagination run free. 

Although once under valued as an art form, Kyoko's skills in etching along with her creative vision truly exemplifies what is possible using these creative mediums. Artists like Kyoko are leading a movement which sees printing being judged on the same merits as more 'traditional' mediums. 


'Feathers and Fur' is running from the 21st of November until the 15th of December at the ODD ONE OUT gallery. Hidden away in the back streets of Wan Chai just off the very trendy St Francis Street area, ODD ONE OUT offers an exquisite range of 'affordable art' in the form of limited run screenprints, woodcut prints and homewares which have been handcrafted by the artists. The opening on the 21st starts at 6pm and Kyoko and ODD ONE OUT would love to see you there!


Gallery hours are 12:00pm to 7:00pm Tuesday - Sunday 



2 Colours/ 3 Dimension Exhibition (17th May 2013- 28th June 2013)

Participating artists include:

Bubble Friends, Cloud Commission, Mr the Beef, Mister Millerchip, Tim Cockburn, FiST, Will Scobie, Sam Peet, Patrick Schmidt, Dominic Le-Hair, Peskimo, Natsuki Otani, Tougui, Zutto, Yema Yema, ph7labs, Jessica Fortner, Sokkuan, Kuanth, Martojaks, Dan Matutina, Kristopher Ho, Stephen Chan...more TBA

Clarissa Gonzalez, Sparkle VFX, Draw and Code, Rethunk Animation, Broken Antler, Stephen Chan...

Papertoy sculpture template:
Tougui, Stephen Chan...


All Exhibited art print can be purchased under purchase under HERE