We are excited to announce that Ewelina Skowronska’s latest exhibition “If Not, Winter” is opening at ODD ONE OUT on Saturday the 5th of February running until the 7th of March.

“If Not, Winter" is a new body of work created mostly during her artist residency at Shirakino Art Village in Minamishimabara Japan in early 2020. The series, is inspired by fragments of Sappho with lyrics depicting feminine beauty, desire and rejecting the world of masculine warfare and explores issues connected with gender, identity, sexuality and the body.
Drawing from personal experience, Ewelina Skowronska touches on subjects connected with the experience of living within the body, and the ways gender and sexuality intersect to form complex identities. Much is left to the imagination while working with the fragments of Sappho. Thinking about language, as being both shared and personal, this series questions what are the new meanings and connections we could take for ourselves? Especially now, during such an uneasy time with the uncertain future. 

About Ewelina Skowronska
Visual artist and printmaker (b. 1980 in Poland, currently lives and works in Tokyo). After having an accomplished career in advertising, Ewelina decided to fully dedicate herself to art in 2013. She retrained and specialised in visual arts at University of The Arts London where she graduated with distinction in 2015.

Female body is at the forefront of Ewelina’s prints and ceramic sculptures. She moves away from showing it as a finite whole, instead expressing it through a sense of space and fluidity, producing a distinctive vision of feminine physicality. Through exploration of the fundamentals of colour, form, lines and negative space she focuses on ephemeral and unspoken aspects, using a combination of different printing techniques to produce a unique and powerful contrast. By exploring the interplay between nudity and carnality, she creates images on the edge of figurative and abstraction.

Ewelina's work has been exhibited in London, Ireland, USA, Canada and Tokyo. In 2017 she got awarded with Print Prize by ST Bridge Foundation, her prints are in the collection of VA Museum London, she was shortlisted for RA Summer.