Fragments of Time

2 April  - 15 May 2022 (extended!)

ODD ONE OUT is proud to be hosting “Fragments of Time”, the latest exhibition by Hong Kong printmaker Jeannie Wong Ho Ching. The exhibition will be held at ODD ONE OUT this Saturday on the 2nd of April until the 2nd of May.

“Fragments of Time” is a collection of work by Jeannie that explores the cache of memories and feelings that have accumulated and subsequently been suppressed in her subconscious. Through the act similar to recalling memories, fragments of images from daily experiences are drawn to the surface and pieced together to create spaces. They resemble reality but are instead occupied by ambiguous animals and objects and hint at a nonlinear narrative. 

By recalling these fragments long suppressed in her mind, Jeannie reassembles the pieces to create landscapes and disjointed spaces. Feelings of anxiety manifest themselves as portals, bodies of water, animals and fragmented pieces of architecture, motifs frequently found throughout Jeannie’s work. The completed images become a record of emotions triggered by events both physical and psychological, prior and prospective, near and far.

Through a combination of printmaking techniques, the prints themselves exist in a nebulous space. Water pigments from mokuhanga are soaked into the fibers of the papers, while the delicate lines printed with oil based etching ink seem to float on top.

Ho Ching Jeannie Wong is a Hong Kong based artist. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University- Visual Arts Academy in 2017 and later worked at her alma mater as a print technician. She received her MA in print at the Royal College of Art, London, in 2021. 

Jeannie has participated in various group shows in Hong Kong, London, Bremen and Japan. She held her first solo exhibition in 2019 at the Hong Kong Open Print Shop.