Au Wah Yan - A Tender Mosquito Solo Exhibition

5 June - 7 July 2021

ODD ONE OUT is pleased to present an exhibition of printmaking works by Hong Kong illustrator and printmaker Au Wah Yan.

"A Tender Mosquito” is one of the stories from her short stories book “ Dreams of a Toad”. “ a mosquito barges into your sweet dreams, a gecko hides itself at home, a whale sweeps through the town, a wild boar….”

Inspired by the wealth of short animal fables in Latin America. Each piece is paired with an original story written in the style of a fable by the artist. Animals pushed out of their natural environment by humans appear again in urban settings or take on human qualities.

While at a month long artist residency in Buenos Aires, Au Wah Yan was introduced to photolithography. The painterly and dream-like qualities of the pieces in “A Tender Mosquito” are the result of many years of experimentation in the photolithography process.


“An Observer who dreams a lot and stays awake often.catch stories in dreams by portraying them in reality. A metaphorical prophecy.”

Wah Yan graduated with a BA Fine Art at New Asia College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her illustration works have been published in numerous local magazines and newspapers. In 2017 she was an artist-in-residence at Proyecto’ace, Argentina and started Printhow, a printmaking collective, with her friends the same year. A collection of short stories in print “Dreams of a Toad" was published in 2019.