An Gee Chan

After 9 years in London, and with a Masters in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art and an illustration and animation BA from Kingston University, An Gee returned to Hong Kong in 2013 and set out to find room to work in a city where print making facilities are hard to come by. ’Stress Me Out’ depicts scenes of re-establishing yourself in a place where you thought you were familiar. 

Gravitating towards large scale mono prints, An Gee feels that these allow her to enjoy the best of both worlds by combining printmaking as well as painting. Constantly experimenting and approaching her works in different ways, this exhibition also features some smaller screen prints, being run in editions. Her use of colour and humour in her titles creates a nice juxtapose to the emotions displayed in her work.

An Gee has held solo shows in London as well as participated in group exhibitions in Hong Kong. When she isn’t printing in her extremely well equipped printmaking studio at the JCCAC building, she is teaching printmaking at the Baptist University Hong Kong.

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