Au Wah Yan


“An Observer who dreams a lot and stays awake often.catch stories in dreams by portraying them in reality. A metaphorical prophecy.”

Wah Yan is an Hong Kong based artist and a printmaker whose drawings and illustrations have been published in numerous local magazines and newspapers including her comic strip Me1 World in Sunday Mingpao since 2014. She has also worked on book publications and designed posters for various theatre projects. Some of her occasional group exhibitions include “Zoo As Metaphor” (2014) and “Zoo As Metaphor 2” (2018). In 2009, she organised "P-at-riot June-forth Cultural Festival" with her friends. She was also a member of Woofenten from 2011 to 2013. Her debut solo exhibition "Fragments" was held in 2013. She has devoted much of her creative efforts to printmaking in recent years. She was an artist-in-residence at Proyecto’ace, Argentina in 2017 and started Printhow, a printmaking collective, with her friends the same year. A collection of short stories in print “Dreams of a Toad" was published in 2019. Recently finished her first short comic “Praying Mantis Combat”. She is also teaching visual arts especially in printmaking for the past several years.


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