Ayaka Asano captures intimate moments or emotions and encapsulates them into tiny cherished objects. She draws inspiration from daily life and creates a series of drawings by etching onto copper plates. Transforming an ordinary life into something special, with its own unique story.

Born in Shizuoka near Mt Fuji and spending her childhood in the countryside, Ayaka's work fully embraces and captures the aesthetic of the Japanese countryside. Depicting mountains and rice fields with wild vegetables and fruits.

By printing on a miniature scale with unusual gem-like silhouettes Ayaka encourages the viewer to go up close and discover the story each gem holds. To compliment the prints, she also adds small personal touches. Whether it is hand painting each print with subtle tones and colours, pairing her prints with hand knit lace or framing her etchings in delicate paper frames made by collaborator and artist Eryngii. These prints are meant to be held and admired up close.

Asano Ayaka graduated from Osaka University of Arts and has been organising exhibitions since 2011. She has shown in different countries including Seoul, Taichung, Busan and Osaka. During her career of being an artist, she has obtained various awards and achievements. She uses a mixture of recycled materials in her etching work.