Mio Asahi

ODD ONE OUT is proud to host “ La Lune, The Moon ”, by Japanese printmaker Mio Asahi. The exhibition will be held at ODD ONE OUT from the 9th of September until 6th of October 2022.

‘La Lune, The Moon’ features a selection of hand embellished etchings by Mio Asahi. To celebrate an important element that frequently appears in Mio’s work: the moon.

Drawing exclusively from her own imagination, the world and characters Mio creates are solely her own but feel incredibly familiar, like they have been plucked from an obscure myth or story. Mouselike figures travel by flying fish across a night sky lit by three moons. A bride travels to her wedding set on the night of a full blue moon. A group of travelers take a seemingly routine commute to the moon on a ferry that glides in the air over fields of tall grass. 

Mio frames her prints with decorative borders and patterns, sometimes with captions in a language that only she understands. By presenting her prints with irregular edges around the images, these fantastical scenes seem to magically appear on the paper directly from Mio’s imagination. Her prints are primarily monochromatic with hand painted details to bring small pops of color to her characters. In some pieces, the moons are treated with metallic foil, creating another layer of ethereal mystery to her pieces

Mio Asahi was born in Osaka, Japan. She graduated from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto and currently works as a painter and printmaker. Her work fluidly mixes east and west, by using the western printing process of etching and aquatint, but her subject matter is distinctly Japanese.

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