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Elisa Talentino

Elisa Talentino (Turin 1981) is an artist who works with graphic, screen printing and illustration.
In 2009 she has founded the studio “Inamorarti” with the graphic designer and printmaker Paolo Berra with whom she develops an independent illustration, graphic, publishing and screen-printing project.

In 2013 she published with Print About Me Micropress the art-book “Le jardin d’hiver” which has been selected for Bologna Children Book Fair 2015 and Ilustrarte Prize 2014- International Illustration Biennial of Lisbon. The book won the honorable mention “Lidu Art Books” for the best art-book 2014.

She presented in November 2014 at BilBOlbul – International Festival of Comics and Illustration of Bologna – her latest book, “Bendata di stelle”. From a story by the writer Luisa Pellegrino, through the metaphor of stitching, cut threads, embroidery and patches, the book is a reflection on gender violence that dot the bodies and the relationships that we live.

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