Charlotte Farmer - Animal Kingdom
6/12/2014- 4/1/2015
Charlotte Farmer's exhibition, 'Animal Kingdom' is opening this Saturday at ODD ONE OUT's new space at 14 St. Francis Street and we'd love for you to come. Charlotte's work draws heavily on the stars of the national animal making it loved by the young and the young at heart. Based in the UK and educated at the famous Central St Martins in London, Charlotte has become famous for her unique colourful silkscreen prints. Her new range of work also includes some incredibly cute Christmas cards.

This will also double as the opening of our new space.

The exhibition starts at 3pm on Saturday the 6th of December, come and have a hot chocolate served by SFS for warm up this winter.
Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2014
19- 23 Nov 2014
Affordable Art Fair in Singapore this weekend. We'll be selling pieces from all of our artists including Kyoko Imazu and Damon Kowarsky latest collaboration "Zodiac", so if you're in Singapore this week or have friends or family in Singapore who are art lovers, we'd love to see you there!

Dates:19-23 November 2014

Location: Booth 3D-09, F1 Pit Building, No. 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore

Click here for more details on the event!

Email us if you would like tickets!



Here, There And Everywhere


"Here, There & Everywhere" is a series of fine art screen-printed editions, depicting natural landscapes and constructed landmarks in vivid colour and dynamic imagery. The imagery takes inspiration from the artist’s surroundings, reflecting on her observations and experiences. The landscape prints within the series are composited of real and imagined scenery, fused into compositions that could be everywhere and anywhere. The landmark prints within the series are hand drawings of buildings, removed from the greater cityscape where they are found, singled out and altered in colour, environment and detail.

8th AUG - 5th SEPT

To celebrate the joy of printmaking ODD ONE OUT would like to present Hands- On.
It is a showcase of contemporary art prints, showing selected printmakers from all around the world.

Featuring: Guillaume Cornet, Paul Roden, Valerian Lueth, Hyun Ju Kim, Andy Wilx, Ovannak You & Delephine Parot, Mrianda Holms and more.. 

ODD ONE OUT will be open until 9pm on the 8th August FRIDAY!! Come and celebrate with us! 

A greeting card printmaking workshop at ODD ONE OUT on 10th Aug (Sunday) from 15:00 to 17:00 in which we warmly welcome anybody interested in art prints to come along and try their hand at printing themselves.

Over There 

6/06 - 29/06/2014

“Over There” will be showing from the 7th of June to the 29th of June with an opening reception with the artist in attendance on 6th June, Friday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Damon will also be running a monoprint printmaking workshop at Odd One Out on 8th June (Sunday) from 15:00 to 17:00 in which we warmly welcome anybody interested in art prints to come along and try their hand at printing themselves.

Damon studied printmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts and Glasgow School of Art as well as Advanced Figure Drawing with Godwin Bradbeer at RMIT. In 2000 he graduated from VCA with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) in Printmaking. The recipient of numerous prizes and awards including a Toyota Community Spirit Artist Travel Award and Collie Trust Scholarship. Since 2009, Damon and his collaborator  Kyoko Imazu with Aesop’s Creative Advisors led varies installation project in Aesop stores in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.

Damon Kowarsky is excited and motivated by travel, and has spent much of his artistic career drawing cities and villages, as well as people and artifacts, in North Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He has what appears to be an obsessive interest in the forms of the city. In Kowarsky's hand, even the most chaotic public intersection appears quiet and clean, an effect he compares to 19th century photography.

“Over There” is an exhibition of new etchings from his Artist in Residence in Guanlan Original Printmaking Base is 2014 and of people and places from Damon's recent travels.


ODD ONE OUT, La Calaca Press are pleased to present

International Print Exchange III
Prints celebrating Mexico's Day of the Dead

16 to 18 MAY 2014

In celebration of Mexico's Day of the Dead, Odd One Out on Sau Wah Fong is hosting a non-profit travelling exhibition featuring 250+ prints from around the world. The La Calaca travelling exhibition will be exhibited at Odd One Out and at participating shops in the neighbourhood, including ManksLala CurioJouerPolab{sfs} cafeIgloo, and Colorful Colors. In addition, there will be a free monoprint workshop from 3pm to 4.30pm on Sunday May 18th.


About La CALACA:

Since 2010 Carlos Barbarena of Chicago has organised print exchanges celebrating Mexico's Day of the Dead. Skulls, devils, skeletons and humour abound in this important date in Mexico's festive calendar.

243 artists participated in last year's La Calaca print exchange and this is the first time the work has been shown in Hong Kong,

2013 is also the 100th anniversary of the death of José Guadalupe Posada. This Mexican artist is famed for using calaveras [skulls and skeletons] in satirical depictions of public life, politics and religion. While Posada died in obscurity his engravings found a new audience in the 1920s thanks to the French artist Jean Charlot, who encountered them while visiting Diego Rivera. Today Posada's images are well known throughout Mexico and Latin America, where they have become synonymous with El Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.



4/4/2014 - 30/4/2014

Odd One Out are proud to present 'AWWWWWW" the first public exhibition of art in Hong Kong for Kylie CHAN (HK) and Chie MIYAZAKI (JPN).

'AWWWWWWW' will be showing from the 4th to 30th of April with an opening reception with the artist Kylie CHAN (HK) and Chie MIYAZAKI (JPN) in attendance on 4th April from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. 

AWWWWWWW is a collaborative works from both of the artists and zine launch. Kylie and Chie are graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in London with a BA Illustration Degree in 2010. The two remind close friends and this is the first time exhibiting and collaborating in Hong Kong.


7/3/2014 - 30/30/2014

Odd One Out are proud to present 'Life Along the River" the first public exhibition of art in Hong Kong for Damon Kowarsky and Kyoko Imazu collaboration works. 

'Life Along The River' will be showing from the 7th to 30th of March with an opening reception with the artist Damon Kowarsky in attendance on 7th March from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. 

Life Along the River is a collaborative suite of 14 etchings and an accompanying zine. The prints and zine are based on Damon's drawings of the riverside architecture of Kyoto, Japan with artistic interventions by Kyoko.
The drawings were made during their research trip to Japan in 2011 and 2013.


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