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ODD ONE OUT is honoured to present " DISCOVER Vol.1" curated by our guest curator Miyuki Kawabe. Miyuki runs an independent gallery in Tokyo, 'commune' held numerous exhibitions for various painters and photographers as well as hosting art events within the fahion & music industry.

Discover Vol.1 will be showcasing artists of Commune Press" including original artworks, limited art prints and zines.

'Commune' have since closed their space in order to concentrate on publishing art zines and curating shows in a wide range of spaces in order to stay true to their primary goal, introducing undiscovered and promising artists to as many people as possible all around the world.

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  1. ChieChihiro - Room And Lite
  2. Mono Matsuo x Yuko Tateyama "Step at 4pm" Zine
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  3. Silver Screen
  4. Tetsuya Yamakawa " herbarium" - Photo zine
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