Fai Chun Exhibition

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, as people clean and ready their homes for the upcoming festivities, a common decoration seen is the fai chun.

Fai Chun (揮春) is a traditional decoration made of red paper that is hung on doorways to greet the new year. It comes in both square and rectangular format, with phrases of hopes and wishes for the new year written on it. Popular phrases can cover many aspects important to daily life, from good luck and health to career and studies.

This year, to greet the new year, we have invited 9 local and international illustrators and artists to pick two of their favourite Chinese New year phrases and illustrate it in their own style. These Fai Chun doesn’t contain the phrase in writing and are printed in tranditional printmaking method. Including screen printing, etching, woodcutting and lithography.

Odd One Out invites you to come and see each artist’s interpretation and guess which phrase each artist has picked to greet the new year! 

Special red pockets, designed by Onion Peterman and published by Odd One Out will also be available for purchase.

Participating artists

Amanda Lo (HK), Charlene Man (HK), Chan An Gee (HK), Jeannie Wong (HK), Lam Kin Choi (HK), Onion Peterman (HK), Sammi Mak (HK), Yiyu Lam (HK) and Yu Miyama (JP).


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  1. A smooth Ride / 一帆風順
  2. 虎進金來
  3. Happy Harmonies 2 / 樂也融融 2
  4. Happy Harmonies 1 / 樂也融融 1
  5. Wishing You Good Fortune / 吉祥如意
  6. May Fortune Come To Your Door / 五福臨門
  7. May Prosperity Blossom /花開富貴
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