Kyoko Imazu x Naoko Tsurudome 2021

ODD ONE OUT is pleased to present an exhibition of printmaking works by Kyoko Imazu & Naoko Tsurudome. Kyoko is a Japanese artist, papercut and etchings printmaker, and sculptor, living and working in Australia. Naoko is a Japanese artist and printmaker, specialising in colour etchings and mezzotint, based in Paris.

Kyoko’s work focuses on detailed etchings that capture the whimsical side of life, with characters who live and frolic in nature with cats, rabbits, butterflies, and others. These moments in time are beautifully captured - every turn of a petal, blade of grass, and butterfly wing is its own world. Naoko’s work is focused on often humorous pieces of animals and plants in nature. These delicate pieces are influenced by Japanese culture and French whimsy, creating playful and delicate imagery.

Both artists left Japan to pursue their artistic journeys, where they have explored Japanese and Western culture and woven it into their work. Each artwork tells story of its own and we hope this exhibition indulges your whimsical imagination.