Mei Sheong Wong

Mei Sheong Wong was born in Singapore and graduated from the University of Wa in 1980. She lived in France and studied Fine Art at l'Ecole Nationale Superieures de Beaux Arts Des Paris. She completed MA in Environmental Studies at the University of Adelaide and completed BVA( Honours) at ACSA.

Kei received the SALA Festival’s Oz Minerals Copper Sculpture Award, after which Mei was awarded a SITARR residency, Jogjakarta, 2013.The Helpmann Academy supported her 2014 mentorship with Raymond Arnold; and Hawai’i residency 2015 with Charlie Cohan. An Arts SA mentorship in 2015 with Ian Westacott, Scotland, preceded her Fabriano residency 2016 in Italy. Recently, she was at Guanlan Printmaking Base residency in 2017.

Mei’s work explores the human condition. She is currently living and working as an artist in Adelaide.

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