Mellor Ware

Mellor Ware is designed in Sheffield by Lianne Mellor.

Using found imagery from family photograph albums, british wildlife, books and the media; Lianne Mellor's work focuses on redefining the humour of lost of missed moments of our everyday lives.
These captured moments from a comical social narrative where Mellor's work allows you to go beyond an image into a whimsical landscape.
The fantastication of images offers the viewer a new role in the work, a role in which it is upto them to redefine what happens."

She strives to produce products that are not only beautiful, but are also functional for everyday use.Her influences are deeply rooted in the quintessentially British past times of afternoon teas, garden parties and quirky dances.Mellor Ware is inspired by the idea that when our backs are turned, foxes, birds, squirrels and hedgehogs come out in force to act out these very English activities.The simplicity of Lianne’s watercolours allows the viewer to create their own narrative for the characters in a collection that is both timeless and contemporary.The concept of the range is that you can collect multiple items of chinaware, adding different characters to your own unique tea party set. Each set will then tell your own individual tale of British wildlife having a tea party!

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