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Advanced Screen Printing

- HK$-250.00
  • HK$250.00

Advanced Screen Printing, Solving Problems

Screen printed instruction manual

Text, images, book art by Otto


This illustrated manual explains how I have solved common screen printing problems. It is useful for printers that have basic screen printing experience and can be read in combination with the basic screen printing manual.

Each page is illustrated with semi-abstract designs derived from technical objects associated with screen printing.

Advanced Screen Printing is the fifth in the series of screen printing manuals.

The 'text-block' is screen printed on a single sheet, then sliced and folded into individual pages. The centre page spread folds out to double size.

26 pages with 13 illustrations, including pull-out centre spread

size: 15 x 22 cm

inside: 3 colours on 100gsm Heritage Bookwhite

cover: 2 colours on 320gsm craft board

made in June 2018

printed at MSP Screen Printing