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Amrita Sher-Gil - Artist

- HK$-500.00
  • HK$500.00

Kylie & Karishma

Joyce Chen - Cooking Entrepreneur

25 x 35.5cm

Screenprint on 300gsm Madrid Litho Paper

Edition of 10


About Amrita Sher - Gil

Born in Budapest in Hungary, to an Indian father and a Hungarian mother, Amrita Sher-Gil is renowned as one of India’s foremost contemporary artists of the 20th century. Whilst Sher-Gil only lived to the age of 28, in her lifetime she created a rich collection of art and has since become known as a pioneer of Indian art. Thought of as India’s answer to artist Frida Kahlo who was her contemporary, Amrita Sher-Gil’s work was groundbreaking, feminist and portrayed Indians in a different way to how most artists at the time did.  

Sher-Gil’s art fused the aesthetics of the East and West and she merged these two cultures in a way that others had not before her.  Sher-Gil’s paintings focused on women, the downtrodden and other people not normally featured in popular paintings and her aim was to show all of these people in an authentic way.  Having studied in Paris, Sher-Gil was the first person of Indian origin to be accepted as an Associate of The Grand Salon - the only Asian to ever have been accepted.  

Amrita Sher-Gil was a visionary because she had a unique view of how to depict Indian life in the 20th century because of her dual culture as a Hungarian and an Indian.