Becoming Bones - Yosuke Yamaguchi

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Becoming Bones - Yosuke Yamaguchi

This is the first comprehensive collection of works by Yosuke Yamaguchi, who has been active as an illustrator and painter in various media such as magazines, books, CDs, fashion, advertising, and picture books both domestically and internationally.

This volume is a reconstruction of his past client work and works presented at solo exhibitions, with the addition of newly drawn pieces.

"I wonder how long I've been in this darkness
Before I knew it, I had become a fish ――"
(Yosuke Yamaguchi)

The deep seabed, the murmur of the forest, the wind crossing the sky, the endless universe, the forgotten future, the secrets of this planet, all living things.

I feel like I've been here, somewhere, before.
I have a sense that I know this place.

When suddenly enveloped by the wind or light, my whole body surges. My outlines dissolve endlessly, and I drift away from the "self".
This "feeling" that cannot be captured in photographs permeates Yosuke Yamaguchi's paintings.

Based on the author's constant interest in the origin of life and awe of the sublime mysteries of nature, this collection features 45 works.
A sense of wonder that spreads across the pages. A collection of works that delights the five senses.

257mm × 182mm   96 pages,
hardcover, codex binding, offset print
1st Edition of 1000
Publication date: October 2023
Published by Elvis Press