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FIlm - Makiko Minowa

This is a collection of works by illustrator Makiko Minowa, who is active in magazines, advertisements, and book cover designs.

Makiko Minowa's works always have a hint of loneliness and nostalgia. They seem to tickle forgotten memories and make you sense the continuation of an unseen dream.

The "ordinary scenery" that was right in front of the artist's eyes will overlap with the viewer's own "everyday life", and will evoke countless other "ordinary sceneries" that are nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

148mm × 210mm  60 pages, softcover, offset print
1st Edition of 500
Publication date: July 2022
Publised by Elvis Press

About Makkio Minowa

Makiko Minowa is a Japanese illustrator, born and raised in the bustling city of Tokyo. After completing her studies at Musashino Art University, Minowa further refined her illustration skills by taking courses at the prestigious Illustration Aoyama Jyuku.

Drawing illustrations primarily for magazines, books, and advertising, Minowa's artworks possess a distinctive style marked by a wistful, nostalgic quality. She has a remarkable ability to imbue even the most mundane scenes with a sense of hidden emotion and imagination.

Minowa's evocative illustrations have the power to resonate deeply with audiences, unlocking memories and reveries in the minds of those who encounter them. Though she remains humble about her talents, her artistry continues to captivate viewers, offering moments of reflection and connection with the poetic rhythms of everyday life.

Through her illustrations, Makiko Minowa shares her unique vision, inviting others to see the extraordinary within the ordinary.