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Do witches exist? Of course, maybe they even have their studio next door.

In her book debut for Rotopol, Malwine Stauss investigates the borderlands between art and alchemy, between the abstract and concrete. Inspired by the spiritual art of the 19th and 20th centuries, the author plays with radiant colors and shapes to outline decisive questions: how does one draw the invisible? Does magic exist? What is inspiration? The gaze into the past becomes a door to the future: the falsely neglected female artists of today have a lot in common with the witches of the past. Both cross borders to find their personal freedom, both are highly in tune with their environment and have a sensibility for the openings in the seemingly consistent order of society.

96 pages, color, 17 x 23 cm, Coptic stitch binding.

About the author.

MALWINE STAUSS was born in Dresden in 1993. After living in Denmark and Albania, she began her studies at the University of Graphics and Book Art in Leipzig in 2013, which she completed in 2019 with her book “Witches” as a diploma project. Her work moves between illustration, painting and comic. She is part of the SQUASH collective, which she founded together with three friends. Malwine lives and works in Leipzig.