Lilian Matinez - Clay Architecture

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A showcase of Lilian Matinez's latest work, featuring sculptures, ceramics, still life paintings and portraits.

Published by Commune Press

32 pages

B5 size

Released 2017

Lilian Martinez's paintings evoke a dream-like quality in their use of bold lines and vibrant colors simplistic forms. Incorporating subjects from pop culture, art history and nature on broad flattened planes, she creates a surreal, humorous collection of easily-recognizable forms that celebrate leisure, beauty, and comfort. Her figures are reminiscent of Matisse's cutouts, and appear blissful and decorative. Martinez paints primarily on linen, canvas, and paper, and digitally converts her work into wearable, functional art objects and textiles including cushions, mugs, and ceramics. Lilian lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She has exhibited at numerous galleries in Los Angeles including Carlos Queso Gallery, Wayside Gallery, and ltd Los Angeles. She is the founder of art brand BFGF.