My Time Capsule

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  • HK$120.00

Featuring 70 Illustrators and over 200 Illustrations!  

Featuring: Lisa Congdon / John Holcroft / Nathalie Lete / Beci Orpin / Bodil Jane / Mark Conlan and more!

AWW 4th Issue / Jan 2021 / Quarterly Publication

Are we living in a new normal? While everyone is trying to figure out an answer, AWW would like to suggest an alternative — bury yourself a love letter and try moving on! The heartening fourth issue of AWW teams up with 24 renowned illustrators to share their inspiring stories with us as we are moving towards a brand new era!

Along with the uplifting interviews, AWW will continue to provide you with our lighthearted and mindful illustration therapy ranging from movie recommendation from the Little White Lies, to some best shops to visit according to Stack Magazines's founder Steven Waston and illustrator duo tupera tupera and more. Believe in yourself and you're halfway there, are you ready to send your future self a precious gift?

PAGES: Cover 4pp
Content 144pp
COLOURS: CMYK process colour printing
SIZE: 195mm (w) x 255mm (h)