Pressing Matters - issue 9

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Pressing Matters magazine - Issue 9
If there’s a theme running through issue nine, it’s one of community and resilience – be it the fierce friendship and ‘commitment to the cause’ found at East London Printmakers or the search for a new place to print like the adventures of Sinclair Ashman’s US residency or Kay Van Bellen’s more permanent move to a new country.  Stories that speak of togetherness, but are never without an element of mild peril. 

We hear from a host of makers taking inspiration from their surroundings and creating their own personal narratives, such as John Fellows’ epic mountain prints and Fenne Kustermans’ zines that explore her need for solitude. And, by taking a look at the positive effect that creativity can have on mental health, we shine a light on the importance of making personal work, just for yourself, as much as showing it or selling it. 

Continuing our journey into the far corners of the printmaking world, we talk to US artist Don Kilpatrick III about his unique shoe prints and out-of-this-world woodcuts. Around the time of the launch of this issue, I signed up to a relief printing course and I’ll be thinking of all of these great printmakers whilst trying my best at linocut, woodcut and more – no doubt they’ll help me to build up my own resilience, to keep printing and make the most of being part of a vibrant printmaking community, both near and far.


Issue 9 featured artists/studios:

Sinclair Ashman • Julia Blom • Kerry Day • East London Printmakers • Faber & Faber • Megan Fatharly • John Fellows • David Frazer • Tina Hagger • Alison Headley • Chandlyr Jackson • Mawuena Kattah • Don Kilpatrick III • Christoph Kleinstück • Fenne Kustermans • Louise Morton • Cathie Pavoine • Laura Slater • Elisa Talentino • Rachel Thornton • Andrea Torres • Kay Van Bellen


Format: 100 page perfect bound publication (including 2 page insert with art print by John Fellows.)