Pressing Matters - issue 4

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Printmaking is a great playground for ideas and there are so many great printmakers out there, giving new things a go, trying fresh techniques each time they print, using the whole process as a way to improve their work and, in turn, their creative selves. This issue of the magazine explores the broadest reaches of the printmaking world – both in technique and location – from a collection of huge presses in Norway to an Iranian Paralympic athlete who loves to print, from a Czech studio mixing the mythological with the modern to brothers using print to shine a light on near-extinct animals. So go ahead, get yourself inspired by all the inky goodness in Issue Four and go play.


Format: 100 page perfect bound publication
Size: 210mm x 280mm

Issue Four featured artists/studios:

Addicted to Patterns • Marcelina Amelia • Michael Atkin • Booker Print House  • Holly Brown • Luke Carter • Hester Cox • Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami • Stephen Fowler • Chris Fritton • Thomas Gravemaker • Dan Howden • Amy Hutson • Jeremyville • Damon Kowarsky • Atelier Leckie • Emma Mason • Ketil Oftedahl  • Mara Piccione • Print Garage • Under the Skin • Upupæpop