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Rasmussen Brothers - Google Map

- HK$-500.00
  • HK$500.00

Kylie & Karishma

Rasmussen Brothers - Google Map

50 x 36cm

Screenprint on 300gsm Madrid Litho Paper

Edition of 6


About Rasmussen Brothers

Not that long ago, the world relied on physical maps to find directions to a particular place and there was never a quick way of calculating the exact amount of time it would take to get there.  If you wanted to know whether there was a restaurant nearby, there simply was no way of finding that out from a typical map. Online maps have transformed the way in which we navigate to get to a particular location and the most widely used one - Google Maps - has made the map go beyond just a navigation tool to a recommendation and community based one too.

The Rasmussen Brothers are software developers, originally from Denmark,  and have been visionary in the world of mapping. Their journey started off much like a typical startup where their mapping idea was sketched out, developed and was being pitched to various investors, but sometimes you need a combination of a good idea and chance. After being turned down by an investor, the brothers’ idea was snapped up by Google and allowed them to continue working on it and developing it along with their Australian collaborators.

This combination of a great mapping tool and access to Google’s huge global audience led to Google Maps becoming the most widely used mapping tool online.

The Rasmussen brothers’ were visionary because of their invention of mapping techniques that have changed the way many of us go about our lives.