Ready, Get Set, Go!

- HK$-120.00
  • HK$120.00

2 Books with 1 Double-sided Scratchable Poster, Featuring 43 Illustrators and over 213 Illustrations!

Feature Artists: Paul Thurlby / Junaida / Tatsuro Kiuchi / Tokuhiro Kanoh / Lieke van der Vorst 

AWW 3rd Issue / Aug 2020 / Quarterly Publication / 2 Books

AWW Magazine's sporty issue “Ready, Get Set, Go!” is here! With our best endeavours, the third issue continues to spread positivities and creativity with unique animal-themed illustrations.

Aside from the exclusive interviews with creators, we keep up with the mission to offer spectacular animal illustration therapy and lifestyle tips with many more well-being content. You are going to equip yourself with a kaleidoscope of knowledge, from athleisure trends, to protein shake recipes and more. You’ll also get to know how our beloved illustrators embodied sports that they can’t do. Join our sports gala and discover more in AWW.

PAGES: Cover 4pp
Content 128pp
COLOURS: CMYK process colour printing
SIZE: 195mm (w) x 255mm (h)


PAGES: Cover 4pp
PAPER: Cover - 150gsm Woodfree Card, Content - 100gsm Woodfree Paper
COLOUR: CMYK process colour printing
SIZE: 161mm (w) x 255mm (h)