Shanghai Skyline/Lujiazui Amusement Park

- HK$-1,100.00
  • HK$1,100.00

Artist: Idlebeats

Title: Shanghai Skyline/Lujiazui Amusement Park

Medium: 6 colour screenprinting on 250gsm White Art Paper

Size: 54 x 78cm

Year: 2011

Edition of 74


The bund has always been tourists' must-go in Shanghai, standing on the bund side of Huangpu river and overlooking at Pudong(refers to the land in the east of the river), the extensive and growing Shanghai skyline that's formed by Oriental Pearl Tower, JinMao Skyscraper, Shanghai World Financial Center and other giant buildings stands by the river like a warrior that's protecting Lujiazui financial center in Pudong.


However our artist Nini Sum sees the skyline with another eye, in her illustration the buildings are all turned into animal-shaped creatures and the whole building group is connected by an endless roller coaster. She explains the idea: "Living in Shanghai but I rarely go to Pudong, always feel like the 'Huamn' part is watered done by the reflection of glass on the skyscrapers. Would the finance experts be willing to take roller coaster to go to work everyday, if Lujiazui is turned into an amusement park?"


The original artwork is hand-drawn and the prints are all hand-pulled at IdleBeats studio by the artist.