Sum Wai (Hong Kong) - Forest Ai Ya Ya

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森林哎呀呀》是心慰第一本獨立出版的繪本故事書,書中以「兔兔」在森林的生活為主,表達不同人生的情感和際遇。繪本的設計由兩種尺寸組成,A5部份是由2012 - 13 年每月一故事的<太陽花>組成,當時於香港不同書店及醫院派發現為故事附上日、英兩種語言翻譯另一A4部份則由2014年開始發展無字的故事組成。選擇用近似平日作畫畫紙的紙材印製,質感一流。
森林哎呀呀》於2014年Tokyo Art Book Fair 參展,現於日本、台灣及新加坡有售。
<Forest Ai yaya> is the first illustrated story book Sumwai published. Stories sprung from the life of 'toi toi' in forest. The 2 in 1 booklet design is specially made to separate the book into 2 sessions in different period of work. The book is translated into Japanese and English which I sincerely hope to share with more people if possible. Texture of the paper is similar to daily drawing paper, coloring it or re-creation is highly encouraged.