Sweet Fire and Deadly Nectar

- HK$-390.00
  • HK$390.00

"Sweet Fire and Deadly Nectar" showcases the artist — Lau Hong Lam’s profound insights into secret, destiny, choice, and love. Over the past five years, Lau has created numerous prints about cakes and wine. The book records about 90 of mezzotint prints of Lau Hong Lam and his thoughts from 2020-2023, full-color printed in hardcover.

The hardcover book adopts a minimalist design with foil stamping, hiding the title on the spine and the artist's name and the chapter icons graphics on the back, highlighting the main cake on the cover. The book is covered in a warm, bright red cloth with gold lining paper, making it elegant and serene. The book consists of 12 chapters, all of which are based on mythological stories. The small size of the book makes it easy to read and carry around, and it also blends in with the exquisite sense of the artist's work.

Published by : Lau Hong Lam 
Editor : Koel Chu
Design : NOUS
Format : 130mm (W) x 185mm(H), 136 colour pages , Hard cover 
First Published April 2024 
Language : Chinese & English