Good Times


30th November 2018- 6th January 2019

In celebration of the season and the 6th anniversary of ODD ONE OUT, we're proud to announce our new exhibition, 'Good Times'.

Good Times is a collection of new work from 20 of our illustrators /artists, some new, many who have previously exhibited, who have created work, especially for this show. Given the brief of simply 'Good Times', each artist has generated tryptic in a small format.

Some of the artists in this show include ODD ONE OUT favourites such as Kaliz Lee, Pearl Law, Sandy Wang, Anna Gleeson, Kylie Chan, Charlene Man, Yiyu Lam, Onion Peterman, Katharine LiBretto, Guillaume Cornet, Danny Kostianos, Lousy, Angee Chan, Wong Sze Chit, Avery Lau, Cindy Leong, Chivas Leung, Jeannie Wong, Sammi Mak, Tin Wong, Tsang Wai Yi plus ceramic artist Laura Bird.

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  1. Katharine Libretto - Strolling
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  2. Avery Lau - La Vie En Rose
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  3. Kaliz Lee - Alter Ego
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