Stephen Chan

Specialties: Character design and isometric illustration, diagrams and infographics, editorial, posters, games and animation; branding and designs for fashion and apparel; patterns for wallpapers and fabrics.

Over the past few years, Stephen has been working as a Freelance Illustrator / Graphic Designer with clients such as (selected):

BBC / Computer Arts Magazine / Digital Arts Magazine / Esquire Magazine / Facebook / Fortune Magazine / IdN / McDonalds / Penguin Books / Popular Mechanics Magazine / Tiger Beer / TBWA Swiss

He is one of the founding members of design portal ‘Thunder Chunky’ – specialising in showcasing new and innovate work by a variety of international artists, covers news from the design world.

Stephen is also a Tiger AKA (Asian Kinetic Artist) apart of the International Tiger Beer / Tiger Translate project, an Artist at Blood Sweat Vectors, a renowned vector artist collective with the likes of 123 Klan, J3 Concepts and Niark1, a part of the Illustrators collective / groups The Mighty Pencil, the Designers of Asia collective, made up of rising stars from Asian illustration, and last but not least Brothers of the Stripe, who are currently taking over UK.

His works have been in several magazines and books, exhibited nationally and internationally, in London, Berlin, Boston, Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, Manila, Melbourne and several other cities.

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