Fürchtetal by Markus Färber & Christine Färber

- HK$-260.00
  • HK$260.00

“Like a spotlight, one decision leaves an entire life in shadow. The darkness swallows the memories. Even if someone asks about him. Then, like a hammer, the ending shatters any words about travel, friends, family and happiness.”

After the sudden suicide of their father, two siblings begin a silent correspondence: she writes to him, he sends drawings back. Each filled page makes visible what words often lack. The dialogue opens a world full of enchanted memories, riddles and feelings that, as intimate as they may be, bring to light something universal: That nothing is as one expects, fears, or hopes. Sister and brother let themselves be accompanied a short way through their present and their past. In the forest of their childhood, on the way through the valley, in multi-layered image-word compositions and allegorical and occasionally ironic drawings they show that in the end a place is often surprisingly more than just a catastrophe.

116 pages, 19,5 x 27 cm, b/w,
Paperback with flaps and belly band.
Thread-stitching. In German.