Oohhh… Small White w/green box (with tray)

- HK$-850.00
  • HK$850.00

‘Oohhh…’ is a collection of boxes that contains a gift or is the gift itself.

Inspired by the Japanese Inro boxes and Russian Matryoshka dolls, the boxes have elements of surprise, enclosure, hidden features and curiosity, making the revealing of opening the box more enjoyable.

The boxes are two tiered to enable customisation to suit a user’s need. Choosing from a small box to a two-tiered one, with nesting trays that sit inside the individual boxes.

These ‘layers’ of storage add to the surprise of each level with some decorations on the inside. It is only until you open it, that you discover them. The handmade glazes used highly accentuate the details of the decoration.

The ceramic boxes are slip casted with the barnacle/lichen inspired decoration hand sprigged onto the surface.

Each box is different and unique, along with the glazes used.

Oxides are mainly used in the glazes, therefore giving the colour more depth and richness. The alkaline crackle glaze used is another subtle feature on the surface.