Molly Dyson - Things are constantly happening

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  • HK$550.00

Molly Dyson

Things are constantly happening

4 color screenprint,
40x50 cm
hand printed on Fedrigoni Acid Free paper,
edition of 30

About Molly:

Molly Dyson is an Australian Illustrator based in Berlin who works with a range of mediums such as ink, pencil, watercolor, digital manipulation, collage, and printmaking. she instills her images with a level of detail celebrating the mundane world of domestic life; Using the setting of bustling cities and neighbourhoods she peers in through apartment windows and the micro worlds we all inhabit in private.
She adds elements of surrealism, humour and empathy to communicate narrative or information given to her by turning familiar settings upside down. She likes to fill her work with unexpected moments so the viewer can return to the image time after time discovering new elements, secrets and moments within.

This series is published and printed by Le Raclet.